Killer whale stranded in Seine River found dead

the orca that I had been trapped for several weeks in the Seine River has finally appeared dead this Monday, the day after the authorities announced her intention to slaughter the animal due to his poor health.

the prefecture of Normandy and Seine-Maritime reported in a statement that the body of the animal was found floating lifeless by a team from the environmental organization Sea Shepherd.

The group has reported that the body of the cetacean was found at 11:48 am.

“We are watching to prevent the body from being rammed by a ship, which would affect the autopsy. We are waiting for the team that the State has mobilized to recover the body,” Sea Shepherd said.

The prefecture had announced on Sunday its intention to put the animal down. Already on Monday he explained that the animal will be towed to the bank of the Seine and lifting means will be installed “so that veterinarians and expert biologists can carry out an autopsy and sampling operations in order to collect as much information as possible and treat to establish the causes of the loss and death of this orca”.

With information from Europe Press

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