“You cannot return to the sale of seats” in Pemex, says AMLO

After Petróleos Mexicanos workers reported being victims of “mistreatment” in their workplaces, as well as alleged poor safety conditions, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he has requested an investigation.

The purpose of this investigation is to determine if your complaints are legitimate or if it is a union leaders campaign to return to old practices such as sale of places a situation that “can no longer return”.

“What I have been perceiving is that there is a disagreement, that I want to know if it is real or fictitious, about mistreatment of workers, about the lack of uniforms, of equipment for the workers. Because I see it as a campaign and I want to know if it is real so that it is addressed immediately, that Pemex officials attend to this demand,” the president declared during his press conference. morning at the National Palace.

On May 25, López Obrador announced that the Pemex workers that they intentionally closed a valve on a platform in Campeche hours before receiving a visit from the director of the oil company, Octavio Romero Oropezawill be investigated by the Attorney General of the Republic, since they could cause an accident.

“I want to know well, and we are going to be aware of this investigation,” declared the president, who considered it important that the will of the workers be taken into account, and that they not be victims of manipulation on the part of union leadersa practice that prevailed for decades in previous administrations.

During this Monday’s conference, López Obrador also announced that he will request a report from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) on the progress of the investigations into the former oil leader. Carlos Romero Deschamps.

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The complaints against Romero were received by the FGR approximately three years ago, of course. illicit enrichment and other illicit. It is estimated that during the last three years of the government of former President Enrique Peña Nieto he moved 275 million pesos in collusion with his relatives.


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