Amber Heard could go to jail for this reason

Once the oral hearing phase is over, the legal consequences of the trial facing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard They will be determined by the action of the jury, which meets again this Tuesday to analyze the evidence and testimony offered by the two parties to defend their positions regarding the accusations of defamation that the two actors have exchanged throughout the process.

In parallel, certain jurists, experts and professional commentators are already displaying their opinions and predictions about the future verdict, but also about the effects that some of the practices that have been attributed to her in recent times, such as the alteration of photos in which she appears visibly injured and, presumably, as a result of the mistreatment perpetrated by her ex-husband.

Aaron Minc, a lawyer specializing in defamation cases, is convinced that there are more and more signs pointing in that direction from the “fabrication” of evidenceso he estimates that, if this theory is confirmed, Amber Heard could face a crime of perjury and false testimony, which could lead to prison.

“I think as this case goes on, we’re seeing more and more evidence that has lied under oath. And that involves crossing a line“, said Minc in conversation with the news portal joe.

If true, this jurist assures that the prosecution and the magistrates will show no mercy to the protagonist of ‘Aquaman’, who he would have “offended” the entire judicial system of his country in this way.

“If the possibility that he has been fabricating evidence, photos, injuries, ultimately altering reality and knowingly recording it, is corroborated, it is likely that the prosecutors to indict her and put her on trial, which could mean going to jail“, he explained. (BANGShowbiz/Reuters)

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