Neither evicted nor with senile dementia: Chabelo confirms that he had cancer, but he overcame it

Xavier López Rodríguez, better known as chabeloconfirmed on Tuesday that he did suffer from cancer but clarified that he managed to overcome it, contrary to recent publications about his state of health.

Through an official statement released on his social networks, the 87-year-old actor also denied that he was ‘evicted’, and said that he really wants to live a quiet life.

Cancer? Yes, overcome thank God and the doctors, out of danger.
Hopeless? Nope!
– Crazy?
Yes, a little, since I was little
Senile? After 15 years…
Retired? Yes, after 70 uninterrupted years, I think deserved, happy to supervise some new projects and wanting to live a very private and quiet life.
Grateful? Yes, eternally for so much affection from the public throughout my career.

Previously, the magazine TV Notes assured that Chabelo suffered from senile dementia, he was hopeless, in addition to having cancer, which, the publication indicated, had metastasis.

After the controversy, users on social networks commented on it.

Xavier López hosted the program In Family with Chabelowhich stopped broadcasting in 2015 after 48 years.

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