Review of 'McCurry, the search for color': portrait of a genius

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    Photographer Steve McCurry, famous for his beautiful image of the Afghan refugee girl, speaks extensively and reflects on the ultimate meaning of his profession. At the beginning of the documentary we see him in New Guinea (later we will accompany him to many other exotic corners of the planet), in a village where his gaze is focused on a neglected child, who looks very sad; he photographs it and immediately comments: ‘This is real life’. This phrase synthesizes 45 years of professional experience on five continents. Almost half a century of human history captured by a camera attentive to the people who suffer, who do not have a voice but do, thanks to him, have an image: thousands of beautiful images that question us, that fascinate us and at the same time disturb us.

    Delestrac’s film is ordinary in its forms, but its human temperature is extremely high. McCurry may have a dark side (the controversy he raised when it was discovered that he retouched some photos via Photoshop, that is: he manipulated reality), but his work is that of a giant and his snapshots, generously displayed in the film, move us to the point of twisting our souls. And that is one of the duties of photographic art.

    For documentary addicts of a social, humanistic and ecological nature

    The best: it stirs our conscience because, deep down, McCurry portrays us all.

    The worst: its conventional structure.


    Address: Denis Delestrac Distribution: Paul Theroux, Sharbat Gula, Bruce Duffy, Anthony Bannon, Robert Dannin Original title: McCURRY the Pursuit of Color Country: United Kingdom Year: 2021 Release date: 03–06-2022 Gender: Documentary film Duration: 90 minutes

    Synopsis: An inside look at the life and work of photographer Steve McCurry, best known for his portrait of the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic. The photographer, his family and friends bring to life the stories behind his most iconic photographs. With unique access to his creative process and previously unseen images, we discover his commitment to record what he defines and unites human beings in their quest for color.

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