After a successful first season with which he managed to convince critics and the public, ‘Physical’ is back. The Apple TV + series premieres its second season on June 3, thus resuming the histrionic story of Sheila Rubin, that housewife from the 80s who one day discovers her passion for aerobics and becomes an instructor. All while she deals with her personal and family problems, her insane obsessions and her self-destructive mental health.

‘Physical’ stars Rose Byrne, who is accompanied, among others, by Diedre Friel, Rory Scovel and, this season, Murray Bartlett as a blatant new signing. In eCartelera we have been able to interview all of them as well as the creator of the series Annie Weisman. Because if this next batch of chapters has something, it is the ambition to go further.

“The series opens up and explores more of the lives of the characters surrounding Sheila”Byrne says. “It is no longer so much that internal division, that internal struggle that she had; but the outside world that surrounds her”, Add. Weisman adds to the reflection, pointing out that “In the first season we saw Sheila struggling with her inner demons, and in the second we see her ready to take on the world”.

To achieve this, both Sheila and the rest of the characters in ‘Physical’ must face new challenges. Scovel, who plays the character of Danny, Sheila’s husband, assures that this time his character “He has less ego, although I don’t know if it’s a personal decision or if the situation has put him in that place”. Friel, who plays Greta, Byrne’s best friend, sees a great evolution in her role. She has to go through the same thing as so many women and mothers in this country, that no one asks them what they want. And she finally asks herself and has to find out.”says the actress.

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new faces

One of the star dishes of season 2 of ‘Physical’ is the arrival of Bartlett, who gets into the skin of the eccentric aerobics instructor Vinnie Green. “I’m a huge fan of the show and before I even had the opportunity, I was already excited about it”recognize, “so when they contacted me I was already internally yelling yes before they even explained the character to me”. A character who, of course, brings a lot of charisma to the whole.

Season 2 of ‘Physical’ premieres Friday, June 3 on Apple TV+.


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