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  • First trailer for ‘The crooked lines of God‘, which will hit theaters on October 7
  • Barbara Lennie Y Edward Fernandez lead a cast in which we will also see Loreto Mauleon, Javier Beltran, Pablo Derqui, Faith Aguado Y bald oleander.
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    Oriol Pauldirector of ‘The body‘ (2012), ‘Setback‘ (2016) and ‘During the storm‘ (2018), has already finished shooting ‘The crooked lines of God‘, adaptation of the prestigious novel of the same title signed by Torcuato Luca de Tena in 1979. Barbara Lennie give life to Alice Gouldthe protagonist of the story who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital to follow the trail of a case in which she works. “I have many friends who read the book in high school and are fans. I guess there will be people who disappoint the film and others will like it even more than the novel”, The actress tells us about the responsibility of bringing such a popular book to the big screen.

    the crooked lines of god

    QUIM VIVES / Atresmedia

    “I only set two conditions to direct it: that they leave me creative freedom and that Bárbara Lennie be Alica Gould”tells us Paulo, who took six months to accept the project and also signs the script together with Guillem Clua, playwright and screenwriter who won the National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2020. The filmmaker also assures that the entire cast was very carefully selected. figuration, “each one with their pathology and advised by professionals throughout the process”. and adds that it has been “It is inevitable to look for some reference in ‘Shutter Island’, by Scorsese, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, directed by Milos Forman, ‘Corridor of No Return’, by Samuel Fuller, or even Claude Chabrol’s cinema”.

    Shot over 9 weeks in different locations in Catalonia and with a budget of 7 million euros, ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ will be one of the highlights of the next Festival season, with its start, still to be confirmed, at the Saint Sebastian.

    The adaptation reaches the big screen after many attempts and with names as powerful as Belén Rueda as the protagonist and Álex de la Iglesia or Paco Plaza at the address. But, according to Ángel Blasco, who is responsible for managing the rights to the novel, the heirs of Luca de Tena did not give any approval to any of the proposals they received since, in one way or another, they did not conform to the spirit of the novel.

    The cast is completed by actors of the stature of Edward Fernandez, who will play the director of the center, Samuel Alvar; Loreto Mauleon (‘Patria’, ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’) as Montserrat Castell; Faith Aguado (‘Plastic sea’, ‘La peste’), who plays doctor Teodoro Ruipérez; Javier Beltran (‘The Laws of the Border’, ‘The Innocent’); Pablo Derqui (‘The invisible line’, ‘The hunt. Monteperdido’); Y bald oleander (‘The minimal island’, ‘The author’).

    the crooked lines of god

    QUIM VIVES / Atresmedia

    Nostromo Pictures, Atresmedia Cine and Filmayer produce the film that will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Spain and is scheduled to hit theaters on October 7.

    the crooked lines of god

    Oriol Paulo, director, with Bárbara Lennie.

    QUIM VIVES / Atresmedia

    This is the official synopsis of ‘The crooked lines of God‘:

    Alice, a private investigator, enters a psychiatric hospital feigning paranoia to collect evidence on the case she is working on: the death of an inmate in unclear circumstances. However, the reality that she will face in her confinement will exceed her expectations and call her own sanity into question. An unknown and exciting world will be shown before her eyes. The course of events for her will see her go from detective to suspect in a masterful game of clues, in which nothing is what it seems.“.

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    the crooked lines of god


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