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    The premiere of the first part of ‘Stranger Things 4’ last May 27 has been a new record for Netflix. An achievement that goes beyond the best science fiction series on Netflix: It has become the most viewed on the platform during its first weekend (and that he has forgotten Erica, one of his best characters) in such a way that his episodes have been seen for 287 million hours in just 3 days, leaving behind the fifth season of ‘La casa de papel’, which held this privilege. Will the Korean adaptation be able to put these thieves back at number one? The trailer for the Korean version of ‘The paper house’ points to this possibility.

    Reasons? Mainly three: the desire to meet again with their characterswhom we had not seen since 2019 in the now distant ‘Stranger Things 3’, the quality of this new seasonwhich has taken a firm step towards a darkness sensed in previous installments and has offered us some of the best episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ since its inception and, of course, the popularity of the series itselfNetflix’s flagship.

    In the absence of the platform “releasing” the two remaining episodes of the second part of this fourth season on July 1, we can consider this first half as one of the best seasons of the series, in which the Duffer brothers have managed to mix science fiction with horror embracing a more adult tone and, now yes, making it clear that we are in the final stretch of one of the best Netflix series (and, thanks to this new season, one of the best series of 2022).


    As we know in the end of season 4 part 1 of ‘Stranger Things’, we know another of the classic origin stories of the series, always concerned with feeding its own mythology and answering some questions that have been raised since its inception. debut in 2016. Thus, explains Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) origin and her strong connection to Vecnamain villain of the show who, in an unexpected twist, manages to trap Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) to the Upside Down.


    After a few years in which the Duffers assured that there would be a fourth season and that they hesitated with a possible fifth installment, in February they made their decision public by means of a letter in which they affirmed that yes, there will be ‘Stranger Things 5’ and that will be the last time we see Hawkins’ group of friends:


    What do Matt and Ross Duffer have in store for us in their final season? When will the release date be? Who will return to the cast, who will not and who will join? When can we see the first trailer and images? We try to answer all of this in this constantly updated article.

    ‘Stranger Things 5’: When does it premiere?

    It is still early to determine its release date, but the good news is that the Duffer brothers have stated that four seasons fall short to tell everything they want and close the series in conditions, so a last season of heart attack awaits us. To be fair, part of the delay in this ‘Stranger Things 4’ has been due, in part, to the pandemic, so forecasting another three years of drought between this penultimate season and the final one may be too pessimistic. Still without a shooting date, we can guess that the series will be released from the end of 2023… at the earliest.

    ‘Stranger Things 5’: What will happen in history?

    It is still early to know where the story will go, but surely the premiere of the last two chapters on July 1 gives us some juicy clue.

    ‘Stranger Things 5’: Who will return to the cast?

    We have no confirmation on who will return. Will all members? Will Nancy do it, but yes we question the participation of Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman)a character who began as a secondary character in the second and third seasons and who in this fourth has acquired a greater role.

    The actor has announced his signing for ‘Entitled’, the new Showtime comedy series. Does this mean that Bauman will not return because his end is near? Will it be one of those that will fall at the end of the season?

    On the other hand, Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) has come to admit on occasion that the probability of one of them dying is very high. Therefore, unless he is a hesitant of the actor himself, the original group will split and we will see one of them go forever.

    ‘Stranger Things 5’: Trailer and images

    We don’t have this information yet, but we will update this as new details come to light.

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