Lorenzo Córdova calls to participate in state elections;  guarantees free exercise of the vote |  Video

The president councilor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova, called on the population of Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo to assert their right to vote and participate in the elections this Sunday 5th June.

Through a video on Twitter addressed to the more than 11 million people registered on the electoral list of those six states, Lorenzo Córdova assured that “everything is ready for there to be a quiet day where they can vote freely.

He also called the authorities and representatives of the three orders of government to “be up” to the electoral situation.

“It is important to clarify that our laws severely punish and that any citizen who witnesses an electoral crime can and should report it,” he said.

The INE counselor explained that more than 147 thousand citizens and citizens They will serve as officers of the board of directors of the more than 21,000 polling stations scheduled for Sunday.

He added that the health protocolsimplemented by the Covid-19 pandemic, will continue to stand for the day of June 5.


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