Morena advances five wins... await more information from Aguascalientes

The president of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Mario Delgado, said that his movement triumphed in five entities that defined governorships this Sunday.

At the close of the polls, he announced wins but without giving precise data.

From Tamaulipas, he said that Américo Villareal held up with great courage, despite the attacks by the PAN and PRI, and advanced a victory over César “Truko” Verástegui.

In Oaxaca, he said that his candidate Salomón Jara received “a huge thank you” to the administration of President López Obrador and recognition as the next governor.

In Hidalgo affirmed that 93 years of PRIism are over thanks to the triumph of Julio Menchaca, who has a very considerable advantage

In Quintana Roo, he says they have an “overwhelming” advantage. He said he was happy with Mara Lezama, a candidate who coincides with his movement.

In Durango, he acknowledged that it was a very competitive election, “but we will have a governor for the first time, with Marina Vitela.” He also denounced a series of irregularities, including shock groups that operated against Morena.

In Aguascalientes, with Nora Ruvalcaba, he presumed that there was a comeback, with a historic feat, although he said that information is still lacking to declare victory.

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