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Kamala Khan, one of the most iconic characters in comics in recent times, is about to land in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And he comes wanting to break schemes. In just a few years since its creation, it has won over all cartoon readers and now it wants to do the same in the world of the small screen. ‘Ms. Marvel’ the new series from The House of Ideas, will premiere on Disney+ in just a few days to finally present an unusual superheroine.

The actress who is responsible for giving life to this teenager from New Jersey is Iman Vellani. We have been able to speak with her in eCartelera, as well as with her co-star Rish Shah, who plays the mysterious Kamran. And both are eager for the public to finally see the result. “We like him for the same reason we like Peter Parker. He’s a superhero but he has problems in his real life.”notes Vellani about Kamala, “it is very easy to identify”. And more so with a character like her, whose context is that of a teenager who is very fanatic about superheroes and obsessed with Captain Marvel. “The show has a very comical feel for live action, and I don’t think we’ve seen it before”Shah says.

But it also has another very important ingredient that makes it special. Despite being from New Jersey, her family is Pakistani. A racial representation that until now had hardly been seen in the saga. “It’s incredibly important. Growing up with a lack of representation isolates you and leaves you alone”says the actress, “It’s wonderful that a company as big and successful as Marvel creates spaces for characters like Kamala or Shang-Chi”. Of course, the young actress assures that she did not feel the pressure to lead this change. “At least until people have asked me about it”he adds between laughs. “For people to see a person like me in a position like this is inspiring”sentence.

super powerful adolescence

Despite the fact that its origins are fundamental and decisive in the history of Kamala, if for some reason ‘Ms. Marvel’ from other series and movies is because of the tone of it. Vellani indicates that “We wanted to focus on that classic coming-of-age atmosphere”. To do this, they looked at mythical characters and master directors of this cinema “John Hughes type, Marty McFly…”. All this has a justification for her. “We wanted to show that being a teenager is hard, awkward, embarrassing, annoying things come with growing up. Especially when you have superpowers”, Explain. Her ultimate goal is for people to remember her high school years so that they live with her those problems within her great adventure.

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‘Ms. Marvel’ will be available on Disney+ June 8.


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