Morena reports detention of deputy Isaac Montoya in Aguascalientes

The local deputy of Morena and Secretary of Youth of that political party, Isaac Montoya Márquez, was arrested by municipal police of Aguascalientesreported the campaign team of the candidate for governor Nora Ruvalcaba Gámez.

The report was made through Nora Ruvalcaba’s Facebook page and supported by legislators and councilors of Morena at the local and federal levels.

Montoya was part of the team sent by the Morena leadership to support their candidate in that entity. Also, that party is a local deputy in the Congress of the State of Mexico.

Our comrade Isaac Montoya was illegally and unjustly detained by the PRIAN alliance and its ally Municipal President Leonardo Montañez Castro. He is in the Municipal Public Security Complex of Aguascalientes, there is no charge, complaint or reason for this transfer, they have him incommunicado

“We condemn this arbitrariness and We make them responsible for any damage to their person and to the companions who accompany them”adds the complaint from Morena’s team in Aguascalientes.

For the morenistas, the detention was arbitrary, while the municipal authorities have not established an official position Until now.

The federal deputy from Morena, Leonel Godoy, announced that his party will file a complaint with the Attorney General of the Republic for illegal deprivation of liberty.

The parliamentary fraction of Morena in the Congress of the State of Mexico He also demanded the release of Isaac Montoya, who is a member of his caucus.

Through your social media accounts, other Morena legislators such as Daniel Sibaja and Anais Burgos demanded that the governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco, and the PAN candidate for governor, Teresa Jiménez, to free her detained partner and not continue to coerce the vote of Aguascalientes.

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“We demand from @TereJimenezE and the PAN Government of AGS the immediate release of our fellow Dip. @isaacsolar. The electoral contest must continue its course with RESPECT and TOLERANCE. There is no justification for this arbitrary conduct!”Sibaja wrote.

Meanwhile, Burgos held the municipal authorities responsible for the life and integrity of the local deputy.

“We hold Leonardo Montañez Castro responsible for the arrest of our colleague Isaac Montoya by municipal police of Aguascalientes. There is no basis for his arrest, they argue: breaches of public order, high-sounding words and they propose to release him for up to 24 hours. #We demand Justice ”, he sentenced.

Previously, the morenistas denounced that the cell phones of the entire Nora Ruvalcaba team were cloned and hackedin order to inhibit their response to the irregular actions of state and municipal authorities.

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