MotoGP: Celebrate too soon and finish in fifth place |  Video

For celebrating early…

Aleix Espargaro lived a bitter moment in the MotoGP Grand Prix of Catalonia. The Spanish went from joy to desolation in the last lap of the racewhere in a serious mathematical error, he celebrated the victory of the race before time and lost the podium.

In the absence of a lap, Espargaro did not realize that the competition continued and left the throttle to party in front of the stands of his home Grand Prix. He immediately lost positions on the grid and although he tried to regain positions, He finished in fifth place.

At the end, the 32-year-old driver couldn’t hide his frustration of the unusual mistake he made.

I’m very sad. If they pricked me now, they wouldn’t even draw blood. I must apologize to the team, it is a very big mistake. You can’t afford a mistake like that in MotoGP fighting for a championship.

Espargaro is in the second place in the current championshipso the error cost him very important points in his fight with the French fabio quartararowho is now 22 points behind the Spaniard.

I feel very bad, I can only apologize again. This can’t happen. I feel very bad for the team because we had done a very good job.

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