CW Cancels 'Charmed,' 'Dynasty,' 'Roswell, New Mexico,' '4400' and 'Naomi'

“Roswell, New Mexico” returns for its final season premiere on Monday night, and it’s bringing an old friend back into the fold — at least temporarily. Max Evans’ old partner and friend Jenna Cameron is back, and she needs his help solving what very well may be a crime committed by aliens.

Of course, this time around, Jenna Cameron (Riley Voelkel) is actually Agent Cameron, having taken a job with the FBI. But to be fair, she’s not the only one with a new title. Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) has one too; he’s currently the sheriff of Roswell (even if only in the interim). Their banter is as strong as ever, as Jenna needles Max by informing him that she only took the job “so I could outrank you, Evans.”

Jokes aside, there is a reason that Max was the one called in to help solve a bank heist that was big enough to get on the FBI’s radar. “I think this heist was committed by aliens,” she warns ominously.

You can watch TheWrap’s exclusive “Roswell, New Mexcio” Season 4 premiere clip in the video above.

Now, for those who don’t remember where season three left us, it’s entirely possible that a new hostile alien has come to town. As we saw in the finale, before he was killed, Max’s evil doppleganger Jones seemed to call out to and awaken another alien.

As the gang celebrates his demise back in Roswell, a young woman emerges walking naked in Careyes, Mexico. She bears the alien triad symbol on her arm and keeps asking for Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason). The alien is then escorted to a woman in the area, who was apparently Liz’s teacher at one point.

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“How the hell do you know Liz Ortecho?” she asks. As she emerges from the shadows, we see that the woman is played Shiri Appleby, star of the original “Roswell.” And that’s the cliff we were left hanging upon.

So, odds are, any alien who was important enough to Jones that he would call for her, is no friend of the Roswell bunch. But then again, who knows? She could be anyone.

“Roswell, New Mexico” returns on The CW tonight at 8/7c.

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