She denounced that she was pregnant and that she was kidnapped to steal her twins... it is false, the prosecution's investigation points out

This Sunday the information of a pregnant woman who reported having been kidnapped to steal the two twins she had in gestation circulated in local and national media.

The events allegedly occurred in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

However, the state prosecutor’s office issued a statement to clarify how the events occurred, according to their investigations.

The Public Ministry received the report through the Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor’s Office about a 21-year-old woman admitted to the General Hospital of Cuernavaca, indicating that she would have been the victim of a kidnapping by several people who intercepted her in the town of Ocotepec, who would have transported aboard a truck to an address where They would have extracted two twins at 40 weeks of gestation.

After the events, the woman narrated, they would have abandoned her in the town of San Andrés de la Cal in the municipality of Tepoztlán, where she was disoriented and cared for by a medical unit to be admitted to the hospital in the state capital for her care. .

An agent from the Public Prosecutor’s Office interviewed the woman, who stated that “she started with the idea of ​​pregnancy derived from the fact that a woman came to her home to perform ultrasounds on her, however She does not have a pregnancy test or studies to confirm the alleged pregnancy”, says the bulletin.

According to the prosecution, during the interview “clear contradictions were noted about the way in which the events had supposedly occurred.”

The case investigator received a report from the hospital indicating that after the corresponding review, the young woman showed no signs of a recent pregnancyfor which the presence of specialized experts was requested who scientifically confirmed that the woman did not show signs of any recent or ongoing pregnancy.

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Similarly, no signs of abortion or childbirth were found, in addition to not presenting gynecological violence or physical violence.

The prosecution stated that it will continue to investigate the case.

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