'Va Por México' continues to decrease in votes, lost 4 of 6 elections: Citizen Movement

The results of the gubernatorial elections held this Sunday, June 6, only showed that The Alianza Va Por México continues to decrease in number of votes and states governedsince they lost 4 of the 6 governorships that were at stake, warned the National Coordinator of the Citizen Movement, Dante Delgado.

At a press conference to analyze the results obtained by the candidates of the Citizen Movement for the governorships of Hidalgo, Aguascalientes, Oaxaca, Durango, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo, Delgado Rannauro said that the leaders of the Va por México alliance “are confused”, since trying to make it look like a victory that they have won two of the six states in which they governed before the elections.

Without giving an account of the percentages obtained by Movimiento Ciudadano in the elections this Sunday, the former governor of Veracruz affirmed that his party maintained growth in this election, despite competing in adverse conditions for the support of the federal government to Morena and of the governors to the candidates of the alliance.

Faced with those who want to see as a triumph that of 6 state governments they had, they have lost 4 and have achieved 2, because I really tell you that they are still confused. Against those who warn that they can continue to grow when they are decreasing, because the results prove it throughout the country, particularly in those entities.

In this framework, Dante Delgado explained that after carrying out a comparative analysis of the votes achieved by the PRI-PAN and PRD alliance between 2016 – when the previous elections for governor were held – and the elections of June 5; the results at the polls show that the vote in favor of the alliance parties has been steadily decreasing; while the Citizen Movement “is growing exponentially”

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In this framework, he explained that in 2016 PAN-PRI and PRD had obtained in Aguascalientes 84.70% of the votes, against just 56.4% that they achieved in the 2021 federal elections, percentage that will continue to decline in the elections on June 5.

In Durango, the three parties had added in 2016, 84.4% of the votes, against 43.62% that they obtained in the 2021 elections.

In Hidalgo, they went from an accumulated 85.39% of the votes in 2016, to only 39.5% in last year’s elections.

At the same time, in Oaxaca they would have gone from 57% of the votes to 30% in 2021; while in Quintana Roo the percentages of the alliance went from 81% to 29.38%.

Regarding Tamaulipas, Dante Delgado said that the PRI-PAN and PRD parties that in 2016 they added 87.39% of the votes cast, against 45.87% they achieved in last year’s elections.

“All this proves that there is a constant decrease in the vote (of the alliance) and on the contrary, you can notice the rise in the vote of the Citizen Movement and I ask you to warn in 2016, Morena had less political presence than that of Movimiento Ciudadano in 2022, That is why we warn that the conditions are built for the Citizen Movement to promote the project that will transform Mexico in 2024”, concluded Dante Delgado.

Finally, Delgado Rannauro announced that in the 2024 gubernatorial election, his party will once again field independent candidates.


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