Bigger than the Hulk's fist, this is volume 1 of the anthology of The Avengers

the encyclopedia of avengers reaches bookstores courtesy of the Taschen label. “Bigger than the fist of Hulk, heavier than the hammer Thor and with more extras than the armor of Hombre de Hierro“This is how the editorial describes the volume 1 from the anthology of The Avengers from the Marvel era (1963–1965).

With a circulation of 5 thousand copies, the volume of 600 pages and 4.4 kilos of weight includes copies of the original comics.

The story begins at the beginning of 1963, Two years after the appearance of The Fantastic Four and when they arose Spider-Man, Ant-Man, the strange Doctor Strange, the incredible Hulk, the invincible Iron Man and the mighty Thor.

But these six characters were not born as a team, but separately. Although, as the reader will be able to verify in detail, he was the editor-in-chief of Marvel, Stan Lee, who realized that “something was missing”, they explain from Taschen.

So Lee and the artist jack kirby gathered to Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Thor and the Hulk and they created The Avengers, a different team than the Fantastic Four because while they were “family”, the Avengers were the “co-workers you don’t choose.”

In collaboration with Marvel and Certified Guarantee Company, the firm photographed the pages of tao comics as they were printed more than half a century ago.

The stories are accompanied by a foreword from Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige Y an in-depth story signed by Kurt Busiek, winner of the Eisner award and that has been made with the collaboration of Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.

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