'Ms.  Marvel' Review: History-Making Disney+ Series Takes the MCU to Colorful New Heights

There may be no bigger comic buff in the MCU right now than “Ms. Marvel” star Iman Vellani. So yes, she definitely has a wishlist of story arcs for the new Disney+ series — and that includes a Lockjaw appearance.

For those unfamiliar, Lockjaw is a massive sentient dog, who just so happens to be an Inhuman (at least on Earth-616, which Vellani refuses to believe is where the MCU actually is). In the comics, he’s sent by Medusa to keep an eye on Kamala Khan because in her her comic origin story, she gets her powers from her by way of Terrigen Mists, making her an Inhuman as well. The two share a strong bond, and even go into battle together.

So, when you ask Iman Vellani what pieces of the comics she’d have liked to see in Disney+’s “Ms. Marvel” series, she goes straight to the Inhuman dog. You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Iman Vellani in the video above.

“Lockjaw. I love Lockjaw. That relationship is adorable,” Vellani told TheWrap. “I wanted a Lockjaw easter egg. I did not succeed. But it’ll happen. season two? Who knows?

That said, Vellani also knows which other story arcs from the comics she’d like to play out. If she had to narrow down her wishlist to three, it would also include Loki and Electro.

“There’s this one storyline where Electro is the villain, and Bruno ends up, you know, seeing all of Kamala’s possible futures. And that frame broke my heart because it was one of him like, you know, getting married to Kamala, one of Kamala being president. I just, I love it. And meanwhile, Kamala’s just trying to figure out what’s going on with her and her de ella powers. I think that’s so much fun.”

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(Editors note: Vellani was referring to “Ms. Marvel” #34, which features Shocker, a similar electricity-themed villain.)

Vellani continued: “I want to see Loki. There’s, in the 2014 run, Loki does come to Jersey City and they kind of — he protects the kids for a hot second, and kind of gives Bruno some love advice and relationship advice. I think that’d be really funny.”

In fact, the fact that Kamala Khan was only introduced as Ms. Marvel in 2014 actually made things easier for Vellani. She always felt like the character was written specifically for her, so playing her on screen was natural.

“Honestly, it took a lot of pressure off,” she explained. “The character only premiered in the comics in 2014. And we were, you know, kind of readapting from what the comics established, keeping those same themes and tones and just, you know, making them fit for the MCU in the direction that the MCU is heading. So it’s just really fun for me because I could fully be myself. I was confident that I knew this character, that I knew this world like the back of my hand, I was this character and…yeah! I just put all of myself into it, and hope for the best. and hope that people you know, like my version of this character.”

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