Nayarit Prosecutor's Office assures that it investigates more than seven crimes against teachers

After the arrest last Monday of three teachers from section 20 of the SNTE was announced, the Nayarit Attorney General’s Office issued a statement this Wednesday night to announce that the people were detained in flagrante delicto by state police officers who they carried out investigations against him for various crimes; however, he affirms that two of them were released because it was not possible to complement the research folder that is still open.

“Last Monday, June 6, three people were arrested in flagrante delicto, while the State Preventive Police and the Criminal Investigation Agency carried out investigations, which were carried out within the framework of an investigation plan derived from folders for different crimes, of which human trafficking or child pornography, political violence, usurpation of identity, extortion and other behaviors such as promotion of criminal activities and electoral crimes, which frame black campaigns for political purposes”, reported the local prosecutor’s office.

The authority stated that various searches were carried out in which obtained evidence ofe computers, storage devices, mobile phones, documents, bills, among others.

“It is necessary to specify that due to the same searches, categorical evidence was found regarding other crimes such as illegal division of property, fraud and operations with resources of illicit origin, same that were operated by a criminal network whose members are embedded in different agencies and government entities of the three powers of the state of Nayarit, “said the FGE.

The institution specified that the secondary school teacher Osiris “N” was arrested for allegedly spreading images of sexual content of minors; but the other two teachers were released because the authority did not have time to complete the investigations that are still open.

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“It is emphasized that one of the three defendants named Osiris “N”, who is an active teacher at a secondary school in the entity, was executed a arrest warrant for the crime of advertising images or videos with sexual content of minors.

As for the teachers Moisés “N” and José María “N, their freedom was determined under article 140 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures (CNPP), by virtue of the fact that within the constitutional term there was not enough time to complete the respective investigation folder, for which reason it continues with the same but without detained people”, he noted.

To conclude, the Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office indicated that it will report shortly on the results of the investigations carried out in this case that it has raised disagreements between various sectors, because it occurred in the framework of the demonstrations against the Labor Law and Justice Law, which were made by different unions of workers at the service of the state and municipalities, which also called a work stoppage last Monday; In addition to the fact that in the same framework, complaints have been made against trade unionists from the Executive Secretariat of the Local Anticorruption System.

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