They accuse the AICM of the Migration mafia;  "Unnecessary, electoral reform for 2024" | National headlines 06/09/2022

These are the highlights of this Thursday, June 9, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

They accuse the AICM of Migration mafia
File complaints of extortion to international travelers

Mexico, for reestablishing relations in America and putting an end to the OAS
The basis would be non-intervention and mutual benefit, explained Ebrard

“Unnecessary, electoral reform for 2024″
He affirms that the June 5 elections showed that “the INE works very well as it is” and trusts that there will be no arbitrariness when defining the budget

López Obrador, under double fire from Republicans and Democrats
Darts are thrown with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for the financing of armories and support for Cuba and Venezuela; in a letter fifteen allies of Joe Biden reproach him for the treatment of the “independent press”

Democracy is under assault, warns Joe Biden
Inaugurates the Summit of the Americas

OECD alert of serious food crisis
See global inflation of 9% in 2022 due to escalation in food prices

The arrival of foreign investment increases and Mexico continues in the Top 10 worldwide
Automotive and extractive industries raised it in 2021

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