One in six Mexicans at risk of prostate cancer: Incan

One in six Mexicans is at risk of prostate cancer, assured the oncologist urologist Iván Calvo Vázquez, member of the Opus program of the National Institute of Cancerology (Incan).

Participating in the Meeting for Comprehensive Health: Prevention and Detection of Cancer, on the occasion of World Prostate Cancer Day, this June 11, the specialist said that It is essential that from the age of 40, Mexicans attend an annual medical check-up, especially those with a family history of cancer.

During his presentation “Prostate cancer: An emerging health problem in Mexico”, he commented that since 2019 the Incan launched the Opus program, aimed at men over 40 years of age without social security, with the aim of reinforcing prevention, timely diagnosis and comprehensive care.

He commented that with this strategy it is possible to achieve more and more people seek medical care in the early stages, provide innovative and multidisciplinary treatments that improve quality of life, as well as employ outreach and outreach strategies for promotion and education.

Bald pointed out that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is performed, exploration to detect abnormalities of the prostate and, if appropriate, biopsy.

Those over 65 who have or had relatives with this disease are at greater risk, mainly if they are first line, since the possibility is multiplied by eight. It also increases the possibility that those who suffer from metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and obesity, or are sedentary, will develop the tumor.

Calvo Vázquez released the results of a survey applied to 453 men, to find out the reasons why they do not go for screening tests. 70 percent answered that for fear of being confirmed the disease; 50 percent due to ignorance of the symptoms; 60 percent because they believe that it diminishes their masculinity and more than 22 percent because they believe that it can be cured with alternative medicine. Of 575 prostate biopsies, 307 were positive for cancer.

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The specialist specified that in the Incan these patients receive multidisciplinary treatment with specialized medical attention, nutritional, psychological cabinet studies, surgery, radiotherapy, pain control, bone health, rehabilitation, treatments for urinary and sexual symptoms and prostheses.

For his part, the head of the Oncological Urology Department of the Incan, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Ríos, assured that In Mexico, more than 25,000 cases of prostate cancer are detected each year. and more than seven thousand 500 people lose their lives for this cause, he explained

commented that seven out of 10 patients seek medical care in advanced stages of the disease, when there are few possibilities of cure, with the consequent deterioration of their quality of life and the health of the caregiver, as well as their economy.

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