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    we keep reviewing everything we know about ‘Wednesday’, the Tim Burton series for Netflixin which we will return to the world imagined by Charles Addams with the great Wednesday as the protagonist.

    It’s super fun. I loved working with Tim Burton“, said to Variety the actress Christina Ricci, first in charge of giving life to the young goth and star signing of the series. “I worked with Gwendolyn Christie, she was amazing. And Jenna Ortega is amazing.”

    Although many wonder what became of Christina Ricci, the truth is that the actress has not stopped working. After her promising performance in ‘Sirenas’ (Richard Benjamin, 1990), she arrived the character that changed his life in the funny ‘The Addams Family’ (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1991), where she stole the role in such a way that she became the obligatory protagonist of the irresistible sequel ‘The Addams Family. The tradition continues’ (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1993).

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    Also remembered for ‘Casper’ (Brad Silberling, 1995), he first worked alongside Tim Burton in 1999. “The best: the inevitable addition of Christina Ricci to the planet Burton”, we highlighted in our review of ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

    Although it is not part of our collection of the 10 best Woody Allen characters and performances, Ricci continued to complete his legend by starring in ‘Everything Else’ (2003) and other titles such as ‘Monster’ (Patty Jenkins, 2003), ‘The Curse ( Cursed)’ (Wes Craven, 2005), ‘Black Snake Moan’ (Craig Brewer, 2006) and ‘Speed ​​Racer’ (Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, 2008).

    While we were attentive to everything we know about the second season of ‘Yellowjackets’, the series that once again put the actress in the spotlight, we celebrated the signing of Christina Ricci in Tim Burton’s Wednesday Addams series and, for it seems, she is delighted with her relief.

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    Jenna Ortega

    I looked at some of the costume photos before I went on set to see what the character was like and I thought it was a modern version of Wednesday.“, he explains about the characterization of Jenna Ortega. “It’s true to the heart and soul of the original but it’s also incredibly modern and it’s great.”

    Ortega, whom many knew alongside Gina Rodriguez in ‘Jane the Virgin’ (2014), is one of the new sensations in the industry thanks to his appearance in ‘You’ and in a recently released film such as ‘Studio 666’ (BJ McDonnell, 2022), ‘Scream’ (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, 2022) and in the “slasher” of the year, as we pointed out in our review of ‘X’ (Ti West).

    The “spin-off” will consist of 8 episodes and will be a “coming-of-age” directed by Tim Burton and written by the creators of ‘Smallville’, Al Gough and Miles Millar. It will focus on Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy, where he attempts to master his psychic ability, foil a murder spree, and solve the supernatural mystery involving his parents 25 years ago, all while navigating his new and very tangled relations.

    Wednesday’ does not have a release date set, but it is expected to arrive on Netflix in the fall of 2022.coinciding with the platform’s special Halloween programming.

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