'A love in Scotland'

On the remote Isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland, in a small Presbyterian community, Phil suffers a seizure that causes him to lose his memory. This is how the premise of ‘A love in Scotland’ begins, the new film by the filmmaker Bouli Lanners who, in addition to writing, stars in and directs this twisted romance that hits theaters on June 24 and of which we bring you an exclusive preview:

When Phil leaves the hospital, back on the island, he meets Millie, a woman from the community who takes care of him. While he tries to recover her memory, she assures him (although it is not true) that they were in a secret romantic relationship and begin to build new bonds based on a lie. ‘A love in Scotland’ stars Lanners and Michelle Fairley, whom we remember from ‘Game of Thrones’, where she played Catelyn Stark.

love at 50

According to Lanners, the first thing he had from the project was the location, which he has turned into one more character: “I place a lot of importance on settings and landscapes, and I felt there was something very powerful about the Isle of Lewis.” Of course, at first the idea was to make a detective film that turned into a love story: “A love story can be lived at any age and, in reality, I have finally become a man, and I can finally begin to have a certain perspective on love and relationships”. In fact, the subject of age is very relevant, since its potential audience, a priori, It is a larger audience, but do not be fooled: “This film is clearly an adventure, an experience and a parenthesis.”

The choice of Fairley as Millie MacPherson was very delicate, as they were looking for a person who combined beauty and austerity in her face, someone on whom the public could project themselves: “Michèle was able to fully integrate the character, she fits perfectly to Millie, trapped in this Presbyterian community. She is a great actress: I don’t know many who would have accepted this role”says the manager, “The challenge for me was to create a portrait of a woman, capture my way of seeing women and include my fully assumed feminine side. So we have a portrait of a 55-60 year old Scottish woman, seen through the eyes of a 55-60-year-old Belgian man. And that was the balance that had to be found in the film.”

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‘A love in Scotland’ hits theaters on June 24 by Vercine.


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