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The power of three comes to an end. Again. The ‘Charmed’ reboot, which premiered in 2018, was canceled last May by The CW, after four seasons. The last episode was broadcast in the United States last Friday, June 10, and the series said goodbye forever with a final surprise that left its viewers in shock.

The last scene of the fantastic fiction closes by establishing a direct connection to the original series, broadcast between 1998 and 2006. In the episode, titled ‘The End is Never the End’ (‘The end is never the end’), after preventing the magical Apocalypse, the Charmed Ones, Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Mikaela (Lucy Barrett) , they find a mysterious door with its symbol, the triquetra. After debating whether or not to open it, the trio decide to find out what’s on the other side. To open the door, The Charmed Ones discover, watch out, Halliwell Manor! That is, the house where the Halliwell sisters from the original series lived, Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Pru (Shannen Doherty), and later Paige (Rose McGowan). The new Charmed Ones find the house empty and decide to go inside, while his iconic door closes behind him.

With this surprising twist, the series opens (literally) the door to the concept of the multiverse of ‘Charmed’. And that was exactly the intention of its producers, Jeffrey Lieber and Joey Falco, who have confirmed to TVLine that bringing the multiverse into the franchise was something they had always wanted to do. Nevertheless, the decision to take the series down that path was made before knowing that the network had canceled itso his future plans are thwarted, with a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved.

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“We wrote the episode before we knew the series was going to end”Falco reveals. “We’ve known for months that there was a 50/50 chance of getting canceled, so we wanted to end with something that moved the story forward, but was also a satisfying conclusion. Over time, we wanted to unite the two universes. At first we were going to do something bigger and crazier, but because we knew there was a chance the show would be canceled, this is the point where we felt like we had to do what we’ve always wanted, a ‘Charmed’ multiverse. But at the same time ending the series in a hopeful and emotionally satisfying way for everyone”.

And what would have happened if the series had been renewed? The producers reveal that, if they had had a fifth season, they would have tried to get the actresses from the original series to appear in the reboot, although they clarify that they did not get to talk to them about the subject, since the renewal was hanging by a thread. Not to mention that they have been openly critical of the new version. So we will be left with the desire to see that return that fans have been asking for since the reboot was announced.

The reaction of the fans

Despite the intentions of Lieber and Falco, the end of ‘Charmed’ was not so satisfactory for many of their fans, who did not hesitate to go to social networks to express their surprise and, in many cases, their discontent and frustration for the twist, as well as the reboot in general, which has been met with many detractors since its inception four years ago. Although seeing the Halliwell Mansion (which, by the way, is the same house in Los Angeles that was used for the exteriors of the original series) has excited and aroused the nostalgia of some fans, many others think that the twist comes too late, especially now that the series is canceled and cannot be continued. On the other hand, the most angry reactions come from the fans who they consider that ending to be an insult to the 90s series.

“I’m so glad the ‘Charmed’ reboot is OVER! And the cheek of showing off Halliwell Manor at the end after shitting on the original and its actors in the first season. They wouldn’t want to do a cameo in your show at all.” cancelled. It’s what you deserve”.

“The ultimate slap in the face. The three Charmed Ones visiting Halliwell Manor uninvited and trespassing. Just what they did for four years with this breakout series. IT’S FINALLY OVER. NOW GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG. FREE AT LAST.”

“Last thing I’m going to say on the subject: for the writers to say they’re honoring the show…which is why they’ve come back to Halliwell Mansion. That they’ve insulted the original series finale, that’s NOT paying homage to it.” The showrunners and writers never had and will never have respect for her.”.

“The new ‘Charmed’ is finally back at Halliwell Manor and they decided to include the originals. Why have they waited so long? Now it’s canceled and we’ll never see it. They should have done this sooner. Ratings would have gone up so much.”.

“Maybe if they had waited a few weeks, this last episode and the final scene could have saved the series, because look how excited everyone is about the references to the original and Halliwell Mansion. This fourth season has been something else and the Kaela’s energy has made her more fresh and fun”.

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