Defense weapons, artillery and rockets: the US will give Ukraine another 1,000 million dollars in weapons

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, informed his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodímir Zelenski, on Wednesday that Washington will provide another 1,000 million dollars in security assistance to the country with the aim of “supporting” its defensive operations in the Donbas region.

Specifically, Biden has communicated in a phone call to Zelensky that this new package will include additional artillery and defense weapons, as well as ammunition for artillery and advanced rocket systems, as the White House has collected in a statement.

“Today I have also announced an additional $225 million in humanitarian assistance to help people inside Ukraine, including by providing clean water, critical medical supplies and healthcare, food, shelter, and cash for families to buy essential items. essential,” he stressed.

The US president has also underlined “the courage, resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people”, which continues to “inspire the world”. “The United States together with our allies and partners, will not waver in our commitment with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for their freedom,” he asserted.

On the other hand, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has chaired a third meeting of the military contact group for Ukrainewhich was also attended by the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov.

Austin, according to a statement from the US Department of Defense, has urged nations to “not lose strength” in their efforts to provide Ukraine with “the means to defend against the Russian invasion”.

“Russia continues to indiscriminately bomb the sovereign territory of Ukraine and recklessly endangers Ukrainian civilians,” he said, adding that the United States and its allies must step up their shared commitments to Ukraine.

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“The unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine is not only a danger to that nation, but also to European security and the global rules-based international order that has worked so well since World War II,” he added.

The United States has already provided Ukraine with howitzers, ‘Javelin’ anti-tank missiles, ammunition, unmanned aerial systems, helicopters ‘Mi-17’, counter artillery radars, as well as tactical vehicles and electronic jamming equipment, among others.

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