Jensen Ackles Recounts What It Was Like Filming Naked On 'The Boys' With "Nothing But A Sock"

    Jensen Ackles plays the character of Soldier Boy in the third season of ‘The Boys’. He would be an equivalent of Captain America in the universe of ‘The Boys’, and he has talked about his arrival in the series and how his first scene was already nude. His character arrives in the episode “Glorious Five Year Plan”, in which he emerges from cryogenic sleep completely naked. The scene was a true showcase of the muscular physique that Ackles spent months building before shooting.

    The actor recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that during filming he was completely naked, with only a modest sock.. “What better idea than to bring a new guy on set and have him take all his clothes off?” Ackles joked. “Yes, it was a good introduction for me in a completely strange space with nothing but a sock.”

    Before the new season premiered on Amazon Prime, Ackles already opened up about his debut by sharing on Instagram a flashback photo taken between scenes on set, showing off the muscle he built up for the role and the beard he grew for that scene during the 2020 lockdown, which he spent in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and children: “I had more products on the bathroom counter for my facial hair than anything else and it was kind of off-putting. My wife was fed up. She I was like, ‘Enough with the beard. Can we get rid of that?'”

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