MLB: This was the terrible scare of the main umpire with a broken bat |  Video

Moments of authentic terror experienced by the main umpire Nate Tomlinson, who received a Accidental hit in the face with Mike Trout’s broken batwhich caused a wound between nose and eyealthough it could have been much more serious.

In the ninth inning of the match, held this Tuesday in dodgers stadiumCome in Angels and Dodgers, Craig Kimbrel, reliever from the local ninth threw a pitch to which Trout hit you, but the ball broke the bat and was thrown backwards, hitting hard the protective mask of Tomlinson, who turned out with a cut between the eyes and nose.

After the brutal impactthe medical assistance entered to attend to the umpire, who had to leave the game to be properly cared for in a hospital.

the photographer K.eith Birmingham posted on social media shocking image where it is appreciated how the bat entered right through a crack in Tomlinson’s protection.

After the withdrawal of Tomlinsonthe second base umpire Laz Diaz took over the rest of the game with a 2-0 win for the Dodgers.

Tomlinson31, made his MLB debut in 2020 and came to this season with 20 major league games.

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