The prequel to 'The Hunger Games' announces five new signings

After announcing that Tom Blyth would play Coriolanus Snow and Rachel Zegler to Lucy Gray Baird, female tribute from District 12, ‘Ballad of songbirds and snakes’, the prequel to ‘The Hunger Games’, continues to present its cast. Via dead lineLionsgate has introduced tributes from Districts 2, 8 and 4, and a couple of new mentors, almost all played by little-known actors and actresses.

Jerome Lance will be Marcus, the tribute from District 2, one of the richest in Panem where mining and stonecutting are worked. Knox Gibson is Bobbin, the tribute to District 8, a place where textiles and clothing are made (so far Gibson has only starred in a short film titled ‘Forgive Our Offenses’ available on Netflix). Finally, Mackenzie Lansing will play Coral, a tribute from District 4, where they are dedicated to fishing. Of all the tributes announced, Lansing is the most popular, as we have seen her in ‘Mare of Easttown’ as Brianna Delrasso and in episodes of ‘The Deuce’ and ‘Tell Me A Story’.

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