abbott elementary school

    In addition to all the Marvel and Star Wars series, the Disney+ platform continues to add series to its catalog every week and that means that, sometimes, a little jewel is overlooked.

    June began with the premiere on the platform of ‘Colegio Abbott’ (‘Abbott Elementary’), a new sitcom that takes the mockumentary style that made series like ‘The Office’ in its best episodes or ‘Parks and Recreation’ successful, which is still not on any platform for the lament of all good people, although in this series the plot is set in a public school in Philadelphia, and specifically focused on its teachers.


    Quinta Brunson is the creator, screenwriter, producer and protagonist from ‘Abbott School’ playing Janine Teagues, an innocent and novice teacher who has to deal with the deficiencies of the American educational system and the ineptitude of the center’s management. Janine was one of the 30 new people who joined the school as teachers, but just a few months later only she and her partner Jacob (Chris Perfetti) remain, since the rest have resigned (fled, rather) from their jobs at the school.

    Janine still has the optimism of someone who has just started a job and believes she can change things (oh, animal)and strives to improve the conditions of its students, boys and girls of preschool age, against all odds.

    abbott elementary school


    Her innocent playfulness contrasts with that of veteran teachers, Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter). “Ms” Howard is a traditional, conservative, Catholic woman, a bit of a mother figure at school and the anchor of reality that Janine tends to cling to when she begins to lose her mind. Schemmenti is more crazy and radical. To give you an idea, it’s as if Spinelli from ‘La banda del patio’ had grown up and now worked as an early childhood education teacher.

    They are joined by Gregory (Tyler James Williams), an introverted surrogate. who sees the job opportunity as a springboard to becoming a director, which is what he has been preparing for all his life. Gregory’s seriousness is altered by Janine’s extroversion and light, and little by little he will strengthen ties with her… Although it seems that he wants to strengthen something more.

    abbott janelle james elementary school

    Prashant GuptaDisney+

    The faculty barely survives, looking for life in each chapter in the face of every difficulty that arises, and much to the chagrin of the school’s director: Ava (Janelle James). The “Michael Scott” of ‘Colegio Abbott’ is completely useless. Although, unlike the boss of ‘The Office’, Ava seems to lack that good heart that Steve Carrell’s character treasured, deep down. Ava is done as director of rebounding, and she doesn’t do much to justify her position… Quite the contrary. She is responsible for a team of documentary filmmakers chasing the characters and witnessing, along with us, the adventures they have to go through.

    The contrast between the different personalities of all these characters, to which we have to add the strange janitor Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis), is the basis of this comic proposal that you should rescue as soon as possible from the Disney + catalog.

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