Adolfo Castañón presents a new book in the Capilla Alfonsina

Within the framework of the celebrations for his 70 years, the writer Adolfo Castañón presents the book In a Nutshell: Guide to My Books (1977-2022), published by Bonilla Artigas Publishers.

The title is a compilation of the work published and edited by Castañón himself. The author has defined the project as a “boldness” because it is the first time it has been done “an editorial selfie” Of his work.

Throughout the almost three hundred pages of the volume, we take a look at a cabinet of personal curiosities, among which spaces for poetry, essays, aphorisms and translations stand out.

In a Nutshell: Guide to My Books (1977-2022) this will be presented Thursday, June 16 at 7:00 p.m. on the Alphonsine Chapel (Benjamín Hill 122. Col. Condesa), an instance that will also broadcast the meeting through its platforms. They will accompany Castañon, John Louis Bonilla, David Noria Y javier garciadiego.

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