Alleged head of the Sonora real estate cartel that operated in Pavlovich's six-year term falls

By Luis Alberto Medina / Bridge Project

For their probable participation in the commission of the crime of specific fraud, agents from the Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigation (AMIC) of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office arrested two people, Notary Public Enrique Ahumada Tarin in Hermosillo and a woman in Navojoa.

Elements of the AMIC, in coordination with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, carried out on Tuesday, June 14, the arrest warrant issued by the judge against Henry “N” and, on Wednesday the 15th, against Margaret “N”.

Before the search, the notary was apprehended and admitted to the Cereso de Hermosillo and when presented before the judge in hearing, He was charged, linked to the process and in justified preventive detention for the crime of specific fraud, by simulation of a legal act.

Henry “N.” and Margarita “N.” they appear within the investigations carried out by the public ministry, AMIC personnel and expert services, before the complaint of a woman for the alleged sale of a house.

The complainant states that her property was sold falsely, since she made herself appear as if she had bestowed a power; the foregoing, presumably, in the presence of the notary public through deeds dated September 2017.

Héctor Contreras Pérez, former president of the Sonoran Bar Association, explained for Bridge Project that the type of crimes of which they accuse Enrique and Margarita are not within serious crimes to obtain informal preventive detention.

“Given the particular circumstances of the facts attributed to him, It is very likely that the Prosecutor’s Office will request justified preventive detentionmeans that in the face of the possibility of evading or putting the process at risk or putting the victims or witnesses at risk, the judge can justifiably order that he carry out his process deprived of liberty”, he explained.

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The lawyer specified that the additional term of the investigation is up to 6 months, but the judge, depending on the particularities, can set one, two or three and, if they are insufficient for the Public Ministry or the defense, the term is extended, but without exceeding the semester.

“Unless the defense requires a longer term, it can extend the time that the process lasts, then in principle I can say that the additional period of investigation can reach up to 6 months, but the judge never gives him that term from the first moment, ”he warned.

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