Russia says US sanctions are 'the worst since the Cold War'

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, assured this Thursday that the sanctions imposed by the Administration of the American president, Joe Biden, against Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine “They are the worst since the Cold War.”

“Effectively. First of all, rSuch severe restrictions were not imposed even during the Cold War.” he clarified before stressing that the country is facing a “large-scale economic war.”

In this sense, he assured that the country “facing economic strangulation and isolation” internationally and said Biden has been imposing sanctions “unilaterally,” according to Russian state agencies.

Just this Thursday, the country’s attorney general, Igor Krasnov, accused the West of “destroy the norms” of International Law and “universal values” and pointed to Western countries for “daily promoting a blatant policy of double standards and unfounded accusations.”

In addition, he insisted that these States seek “The division into two blocks of good people versus bad people taking into account only the national interests.

In relation to the situation in Ukraine, he highlighted what he considers to be “the hypocrisy of western diplomacy” and asserted that it has been impossible “to tolerate the rampant nationalist ideology, the denial of the right to exist of the Russian people and their massacres.”

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