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Being a supporting character in a Pixar movie, standing up, must be something of a dream and nightmare almost simultaneously. Each proposal of the essential study is a universe in itself, not a doubt about it, but It is clear that it is very difficult not to have to live in the shadow of such memorable protagonists as WALL-E, Woody, Mike Wazowski, Remy or Nemo.

Supporting Pixar Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

1 Bruce

A great white who happens to be, mind you, the leader of the Sharks Friends of the Fishes support group. The idea is so superb, so hilarious and so cool that we would love to see a survival adventure with its doses of comedy throughout Woody Allen starring the great Bruce.

Finding Nemo in eCartelera

two edna fashion
edna fashion

Unique and demanding fashion designer, charismatic and impatient, perfectionist and specialized in costumes for entire families of superheroes. Anthological creation within one of the best films in Pixar history, ‘The Incredibles’, Edna Moda is the perfect candidate for animation cinema to have its particular ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

The Incredibles on eCartelera

3 heimlich

The most memorable secondary of the underrated ‘Bugs, an adventure in miniature’ was a caterpillar with serious problems of being overweight, with a German accent and who dreamed of being a huge and beautiful butterfly. Do you really need more arguments to start asking for that solo movie that you always deserved? A manual scene stealer. All spotlights on Heimlich, dammit.

Bugs, a miniature adventure in eCartelera

4 Anton Ego
Anton Ego

That childhood that shows just enough in the unforgettable monologue that elevates ‘Ratatuoille’ to the status of an absolute masterpiece is something we want to see. Anton Ego is a character full of dramatic possibilities, exciting in his evolution from a happy child to a ruthless critic (and back to basics). He would give the stature, without a doubt, to lead one of those Pixar proposals with greater emotional depth and psychological and narrative depth.

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Ratatouille at eCartelera

5 bing bong
bing bong

Within the immense amount of discoveries that we can enjoy in ‘Delverso (Inside Out)’, still today the best movie in the history of Pixar, is Bing Bong, a secondary character in charge of representing that imaginary friend that so many people had as a faithful squire during their childhood.

And it is precisely that temporary space in which it would be great to see him in action, living some of those experiences prior to the jump to adolescence in which innocence still plays a fundamental role. And yes, we already know that we would end up crying, but it is a spin off of Bing Bong, there is no other alternative.

Inside Out at eCartelera

6 Charles Muntz
Charles Muntz

A villain with an exciting past who guarantees a one hundred percent classic adventure film, pure homage to golden Hollywood and to that cinema that practically lives in a constant state of semi-extinction. We want Charles Muntz’s own movie, definitely. And if it can be in black and white, well hey, better.

Up in eCartelera

7 Eve

Our heart belongs to Eva since we saw her appear in the excellent ‘WALL-E: Cleaning Battalion’. Impossible to be more charming and moving with less effort (and words), an achievement big enough to dreaming of a film led exclusively by one of the best robots that the history of cinema has given us.

WALL-E: Cleaning Battalion at eCartelera

8 Don Carlton
Don Carlton

No, seriously, look at him in the frame that accompanies this text. Few more lovable supporting characters in the Pixar catalog than Don Carlton, one of the many finds present in the highly undervalued ‘Monsters University’, a deeply misunderstood gem. Imagine a movie in which they told us how good old Don rebuilt his life after losing everything in an economic crisis, going through his memorable stage as a student to become a professional scarer and finally managing to escape from his personal shipwreck and labor. A story of overcoming in all rule.

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Monsters University at eCartelera

9 Bo Peep
Bo Peep

If she managed to become a revelation in the superb ‘Toy Story 4’, how could Bo Peep not be able to succeed with a movie as the exclusive protagonist? Almost any genre is fine, we are not going to be demanding either, but a story where she definitely becomes an action heroine sounds a lot like the perfect Pixar spinoff.

Toy Story (Toys) at eCartelera

10 Massimo Marcovaldo
Massimo Marcovaldo

Okay, it may be too tragic, but we’d love to see a movie that will tell us about the life of Massimo Marcovaldo before he became the (wonderful) character we met in (the wonderful) ‘Luca’. We would have to have a hard time and go to the Kleenex to dry tears from time to time, that is clear, but nobody said that thinking of spin-off of secondary Pixar characters was an easy mission.

Oh, and this film cannot exist without the key presence of Machiavelli the cat, another character from the studio who deserves his own film.

Luca in eCartelera

However, over the years and movies/masterpieces, Pixar has proven to have a sublime talent for crafting a collection of truly memorable supporting characters and supporting characters. Characters who, firmly maintaining their background, have known how to take advantage of each of their scenes to completely snatch our hearts.

For this reason, here we dream of ten films in which all the spotlight falls on this set of creations capable of entertaining and exciting us with overwhelming ease. Characters who deserve their own adventure. Our entry, if any of these proposals is finally carried out, is already assured. Think about it, Pixar.

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