Criticism of 'Full of grace', the new comedy by Carmen Machi

    The Spanish popular comedy of the 1960s and early 1970s does not need any vindication because that is what the viewers do, with enviable ratings, every time one of them is programmed on TV. But it is very appreciated that Roberto Bueso recovers his essence in ‘Llenos degracia’ and updates in 3.0 mode that simple, direct, timidly provocative humor, for all audiences and very much in connection with our deepest feeling.

    The rebellious, well-intentioned and whole-hearted Sister Marina, excellent Carmen Machi, is a very worthy successor to Father Manolo, by Manolo Escobar; Sor Citroën, by Gracita Morales, or Don Mariano by Paco Martínez Soria in ‘Se armó el nativity scene’. Family cinema full of optimism, in the wake of ‘Champions’ (Javier Fesser, 2018); in this case with children who are a bit rambunctious, a la ‘Planta 4ª’ (Antonio Mercero, 2003), who only demand attention and affection. Those final images with the authentic nun who inspired the film and the soccer player Valdo, who was one of his wayward students, are very emotional.

    For lovers of family cinema with a lot of humor and vindication of positive values

    The best: the casual tone with which he approaches the plot.

    The worst: the image of the nuns is too naive.


    Address: Roberto Bueso Distribution: Carmen Machi, Paula Usero, Pablo Chiapella, Manolo Solo, Nuria González, Dairon Tallon, Anis Doroftei Country: Spain, Greece Year: 2022 Release date: 06-24-2022 Gender: Comedy Script: Roberto Bueso, Oscar Diaz Duration: 109 min.

    Synopsis: Marina, a very unusual nun, arrives in the summer of 1994 at El Parral, a school threatened with closure. Despite the fact that the interns, boys with no family, receive her with a thousand pranks, Marina has an idea that will change everything: form a soccer team. With the help of two nuns: Angelines, innocent and fragile, and Tatiana, brutish and kind, she will create something like a real family. Years later, Valdo, one of the boys, will make his debut in the Real Madrid first team.

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