With 'Corrections', Seth Meyers Feels Like He's Getting Away With Something

Seth Meyers has been thoroughly unimpressed with the tactics that right-wingers pushing Trump’s election lies have been using, especially as more come to light in the Jan. 6 hearings. So, on Wednesday night’s show, he got blunt, calling out “dips—s” like Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Ron Johnson.

When it came to Giuliani and Ellis — both of whom were on Trump’s legal team — Meyers honed in on testimony from Arizona state House speaker Russell Bowers. As he testified to the committee this week, when he asked for specific names and ballots of people who purportedly voted fraudulently, Giuliani turned to Ellis, who said, “It’s not with me, but we can get it to you.”

“I mean, this is just me, but if I was preparing for a high stakes meeting with a prominent Republican official to convince him to overturn their state’s election results, reversing the will of 80 million people and potentially provoking a constitutional crisis, I think I — and, again, this is just me — I think I’d remember to bring the evidence,” Meyers mocked.

The host then marveled at the fact that Giuliani and Ellis genuinely seemed to think that just claiming they had evidence would be enough to get what they wanted.

“They actually thought they could get away with saying they had the proof, just never having it with them. These people are such bad scam artists, it’s actually remarkable how close they came to overthrowing American democracy,” he said. “In fact, even calling them scam artists is overstating the case.”

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Meyers then liked the idea of ​​calling Giuliani and Ellis scam artists to call a Subway employee a “sandwich artist.” “At best, you’re a sandwich attempter,” he joked.

Meyers then turned his mockery to Sen. Ron Johnson, who was caught faking a phone call this week to avoid questions from a reporter about his chief of staff’s involvement in the events of Jan. 6. Though Johnson claimed he was on the phone as he was being questioned, the reporter informed the senator that he could see the phone’s screen, and there was clearly no call in progress.

“Everyone knows you put the phone on the same side as the reporter! That’s Scam Artistry 101!” Meyers raged. From there, he got even more blunt.

“So these dips—s thought they could get away with convincing the Arizona State House Speaker to overturn the state’s election results by just pretending they had proof, and would definitely send it to him when they got around to it,” Meyers said. “They treated a prominent Republican official asking for proof of election fraud the same way I treated my dentist’s nephew when he asked for notes on his screenplay from him: ‘Oh, yeah man, I’m totally gonna get those to you. Just haven’t been home that much.’ ‘You’ve been home for a full year!’”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video here and above.

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