'Training Day'

There are actors whom one has the feeling of having seen on the screen all his life. Perhaps that is why it is so cozy and comfortable to meet Ethan Hawke from time to time, either in huge blockbusters, at least, or in independent tapes that he magnifies with his presence.

We are talking about a guy with immense talent to mutate into all kinds of characters, always providing a level of intensity and dedication beyond any possible negotiation. Yes too charisma, magnetism and absolute personality at the time of immersing himself in any cinematographic genre that is put in front of him, showing a courage as constant as it is admirable.

The best of Ethan Hawke in the 21st century

1 ‘Training Day’

More than two decades after its premiere, almost nothing, ‘Training Day (Training Day)’ continues to shine as one of the best cops so far this century thanks to his enviable inability to age. And it is that one returns to it for the umpteenth time and continues to find intact the nerve, the iron pulse, the street fascination, the nervous sweat, the contained rage, the enigmatic laughter of an absolutely overwhelming Denzel Washington and an incontestable interpretation of Ethan Hawk . The chemistry between the two is the perfect icing on a cinematic feast of bloody sidewalks, angels, demons, shootouts, redemptions, and dead ends. One of those movies that throbs with fiery intensity.

Training Day at eCartelera

two ‘Before nightfall’
'Before nightfall'

It’s true love. Eternal love. And thanks. I mean my relationship with Jesse and Celine, of course. They have their pluses and minuses, they maintain a certain illusion of that first meeting in Vienna but the hangover from that reunion in Paris seems more present than ever. Along the way they have grown older, they have been parents, they have loved each other, they have reproached each other, they have argued, they have had sex until dawn, they have written books and they have been disappointed.

All without leaving anything to the imagination of a viewer who has witnessed, since 1995, (almost) all the phases of love through a trilogy so amazing that it seems impossible that it turned out well. So extremely good. Given the choice, ‘Before Nightfall’ not only lives up to its impeccable predecessors, but it could very well be the best of them all. That level. And Ethan Hawke? As superb as the rest of the elements that accompany him in this undeniable masterpiece.

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Before nightfall at eCartelera

3 ‘Before the devil knows you’re dead’
'Before the devil knows you're dead'

The latest film directed by Sidney Lumet, ‘Before the devil knows you’re dead’, is a kind of circular conclusion to the career of the really exciting filmmaker. And the thing is, fifty years after that unforgettable debut called ’12 Angry Men’, the director ended his career with another masterpiece of powerful dramatic depth, narrative complexity and memorable characters.

A dark, captivating thriller with overwhelming internal violence that, with the invaluable help of performances as gigantic as those offered by Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Albert Finney and Marisa Tomei, ends up rising as one of Lumet’s roundest films. A classic in the form of a farewell.

Before the devil knows that you have died in eCartelera

4 ‘The Valley of Vengeance’
'The Valley of Vengeance'

Written and directed by Ti West, ‘The Valley of Vengeance’ marks Blumhouse’s first and only foray into the western arena to date. And considering the results, at least the strictly artistic ones, it would be great if they repeated the move soon. Without inventing anything new, keeping intact some of the most representative and characteristic elements of the genre, the film starring some very dedicated Ethan Hawke and John Travolta is very clear about both his goals and the way in which they want to fulfill them. The excuse that triggers the outbreak of violence is pure ‘John Wick’, the murder of a pet turned family, but ‘The Valley of Vengeance’ does not need more to orchestrate a final stretch of pure enjoyment. A town lost in the middle of the West, a guy with nothing to lose and several enemies united in their desire to destroy him. Rain of bullets, blood and duels in the sun. And everyone happy.

6 ‘sinister’

Before joining forces again on the magnificent ‘Black Phone’, Ethan Hawke and director and screenwriter Scott Derrickson worked together on ‘Sinister’, a horror film that has gained a cult following since its premiere to become one of the most celebrated proposals of recent years in the genre. And it is a deserved reward, since we are facing a film that, beyond offering memorable scares, manages to cross the screen with its disturbing and unhealthy atmospheres, also counting on a fantastic performance by Hawke.

Sinister in eCartelera

7 ‘The priest’
'The priest'

Almost unanimously considered his most memorable performance, including both the 21st century and the rest of the bars of his career, that of ‘El reverendo’ is one of those performances that go over you, leave a mark, shock and hypnotize with the same firmness and almost at the same time. A work of overwhelming precision that becomes, by far, the most outstanding of the virtues of the film.

The Reverend in eCartelera

8 ‘the captor’
'the captor'

A hidden gem in Ethan Hawke’s filmography, ‘The Captor’ is a delirious comedy based on real events in which the actor demonstrates a special talent to dance on the impossible balance. An extreme character that Hawke endows with an irresistible personality and presence, thus signing another exemplary work in his collection. An interpretation and film worthy of being rediscovered. And claimed.

9 ‘Born to Be Blue’
'Born to Be Blue'

Ethan Hawke gets into the skin of the legendary Chet Baker, an essential figure in jazz history, in ‘Born to Be Blue’, a biopic far removed from the formula and embracing wit, elegance and the inevitable melancholy. A series of sensations that the film gives off from the first moment and that fit perfectly with the interpretation of a simply perfect Hawke.

Born to Be Blue at eCartelera

10 ‘Maggie’s plan’

eleven ‘The Purge: The Night of the Beasts’
'The Purge: The Night of the Beasts'

Although the sequels, most of them unnecessary, have ended up weighing down his memory, ‘The Purge: The Night of the Beasts’ continues to work like a charm as a thriller with a great starting point, suffocating atmosphere and more than achieved tension. A very entertaining proposal in which Ethan Hawke became, by far, the best of his castan ideal leader for this terrifying cinematographic dawn.

The Purge: The Night of the Beasts at eCartelera

12 ‘Before sunset’
'Before sunset'

It seemed impossible to repeat the trick, but they succeeded. ‘Before sunset’ maintains point by point all the elements that made its predecessor a classic, providing a special light in this second part of one of the best romances in the history of cinema. A magnificent sequel that, once again, found the dream accomplices in its leading partner. And that, of course, includes an Ethan Hawke capable of transmitting everything (absolutely everything) with the sole help of his gaze and the support of that trademark half-smile.

Before sunset in eCartelera

13 ‘BlackPhone’

We barely see his face at any point, but every appearance of Ethan Hawke in ‘Black Phone’ is truly memorable. His work regarding the voice and gestures in this remarkable horror film ranks comfortably among the most outstanding achievements of a career which, seen here, still has many gifts to offer us.

Black Phone in eCartelera

  'the captor'

A series of virtues that he has maintained throughout his already extensive professional career, including a 21st century in which he has signed some of his most memorable works. On this occasion, we have chosen a total of thirteen that, in addition, serve to exemplify that ease with which Ethan Hawke manages to get out of challenges of different types and conditions. An actor in the family.


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