US Supreme Court strikes down constitutional right to abortion

The Supreme Court of the United States decided this Friday annul the historic Roe v. Wades from 1973which recognized a woman’s constitutional right to abortion and legalized it across the country, marking a momentous victory for Republicans and religious conservatives who want to limit or ban the procedure.

The court, in a 6-3 ruling buoyed by his Conservative majorityupheld a Republican-backed Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks.

The judges held that the Roe vs. Wade, which allowed abortions performed before a fetus was viable outside the womb -between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy-was wrong because the US Constitution does not specifically mention the right to abortion.

In May, a draft of the ruling was leaked indicating that the court would likely overturn Roe v. wade, which caused a political firestorm.

The Mississippi law had been blocked by lower courts on the grounds that violated Supreme Court precedent on abortion rights.

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