'The Maltese Falcon'

At the moment of truth, it imposes writing about John Huston. It is something inevitable, after all We are talking about one of the great directors in the history of cinema, a guy whose filmography exudes the aroma of unbeatable classics, the greatness of unmistakable authors and the nostalgia of a cinema that will never return. Mistakes? None worthy of being highlighted, at most some minor absent-minded work.

Able to convey in an almost unique way aspects such as ambition, envy, nostalgia, melancholy or the epic of the loser, Huston’s artistic gaze gave rise to some truly fascinating masterpieces both in substance and in form. Always elegant, even when he went to excess, attentive to detail and capable of going through gigantic spectacle and intimate drama with the same talent.

John Huston’s best movies

1 ‘The Maltese Falcon’

It is almost impossible to imagine a better debut than ‘The Maltese Falcon’. John Huston directed his first film with a pulse reserved exclusively for masters, demonstrating a truly overwhelming maturity, intelligence and style. His camera goes hungry to devour this story full of twists, turns, unforgettable characters and constant intrigue. This completes an instant classic that has ended up being positioned as one of the most well-rounded films by its director, one of the most celebrated interpretations of Humphrey Bogart’s career, the best adaptation of a novel by Dashiell Hammett and an unattainable peak of film noir. All the medals more than deserved for one of those proposals that you never get tired of seeing.

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two ‘Key Largo’
'Key Largo'

After signing that dazzling peak called ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’, John Huston and Humphrey Bogart worked together again on another work with a superb result: ‘Cayo Largo’. The artistic couple, accompanied by the impressive works of a hypnotic Lauren Bacall and a magnificent Edward G. Robinson, repeated artistic triumph with this film noir classic that mercilessly trapped you from its opening bars and wouldn’t let go until its fantastic ending. Suspense and melodrama. Tension and romance. Surprises and style. A film that touches perfection with the tips of the fingers.

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3 ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’
'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre'

It may be that the final stretch of ‘The Treasure of Sierra Madre’ summarizes better than any other moment of his professional career, and see that there are options, each and every one of the keys (and most outstanding virtues) of John Huston’s cinema. The last gift of an absolute masterpiece led by three interpretations of formidable precision delivered by Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston and Tim Holt, unforgettable trident, who resists without a hint of rust like one of the great movies in history. Pure Houston. Pure cinema.

The treasure of Sierra Madre in eCartelera

4 ‘The Asphalt Jungle’
'The Asphalt Jungle'

Not a second wasted. Everything in ‘The Asphalt Jungle’ coexists embraced the excellence, the intensity, the wisdom, the style and the greatness of the best and most unforgettable cinema. Impossible to highlight one factor over another within a set that reveals itself, together with the majestic ‘El Tesoro de Sierra Madre’, as the best and most complete work of John Huston’s career. A must see movie.

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5 ‘The queen of Africa’
'The queen of Africa'

Considered fairly one of the most wonderful, complete, fun and dazzling adventure films in the history of cinema‘The African Queen’ remains a one hundred percent reliable bet if it comes to spending just over a hundred minutes glued in front of the screen.

A perfectly balanced rhythm, a master direction signed by Huston, a magnificent soundtrack, a five-star photography job and, above all, the capital performances of Humphrey Bogart, winner of the Oscar for his work, and Katharine Hepburn, immense as always, there are too many incontestable elements in its favor not to celebrate ‘The Queen of Africa’ as it has always been: a fantastic classic.

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6 ‘Moulin Rouge’
'Moulin Rouge'

For its impressive opening alone, one of the most memorable moments of John Huston’s career, ‘Moulin Rouge’ more than deserves to appear in this special. Fortunately, the rest of the film lives up to that overwhelming start, offering a technical and dramatic spectacle of the highest category. It doesn’t reach the level of excellence of its older sister, the monumental ‘Moulin Rouge’ by Baz Luhrmann, but it works like a charm in a dreamy double session of Parisian aroma and unbridled bohemia.

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7 ‘The man who could reign’
'The man who could reign'

From its brilliant prologue, an authentic class of presentation of characters and approach to history, ‘The man who could reign’ points to a masterpiece. And it more than complies during the rest of the footage. Model adventure film in all its sections and raised to infinity by those titans called Sean Connery and Michael Caine, both responsible for simply perfect performances, this adaptation of Rudyard Kipling is an absolute joy. Wonderful.

The man who could reign in eCartelera

8 ‘Red Medal for Courage’
'Red Medal for Courage'

Although John Huston himself said authentic barbarities about it, especially motivated by the modifications that the studio made in the editing room without his permission, ‘Red Medal for Valor’ continues to resonate with the firmness of his best works. Just over an hour long is what the filmmaker needed to compose a visual poetry where the warlike and the human are combined with a dream balance. A short and great film lesson.

10 ‘Dubliners (The Dead)’
'Dubliners (The Dead)'

The dream cinematographic testament. This is how we could define ‘Dubliners (The Dead)’, a tremendous farewell to a John Huston who shot this adaptation of James Joyce’s work under minimal health. Led by a wonderful Anjelica Huston in which we could easily celebrate with her best performance, this gem is full of melancholy, beauty and desolation. A film that cuts to the bone and leaves you shivering with one of the most beautiful and inspired final scenes in the history of cinema.

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  'John Huston'

Filmmaker of extraordinary sensitivity who wanted to tell stories until practically the last day of his life, John Huston he will be eternally remembered as the person responsible for some works as impressive as the ones that make up this special. Great works have been left out, something inevitable, but here are ten films that exemplify the incontestable nature of his legacy.


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