The history of Chile is stained with blood, an idea a la Pablo Larraín has taken a turn and will become a political satire with vampires for Netflix. The director of ‘Spencer’ has signed with the streaming platform to carry out ‘El Conde’, a black comedy in which the dictator Augusto Pinochet will be a 250-year-old vampire. as collected Varietythe script is signed by the director himself along with Guillermo Calderón, with whom he has already shared credits in ‘Neruda’ and ‘El Club’.

From what little we know, ‘The Count’ aims to delve into some controversial historical issues in a mix of drama and comedy and to serve as a trenchant analysis of the creation of the modern world. In it Pinochet is not dead yet, but after 250 years in this world as a vampire and carrying a lot of drama due to disgrace and family conflicts, he decides to put an end to his existence. The film, which will be released on Netflix in 2023, will be produced by Juan de Dios Larraín, brother of the director, through the company they share: Fábula. The feature film stars Jaime Vadell (‘No’), Gloria Münchmeyer (“‘The Moon in the Mirror’), Alfredo Castro and Paula Luchsinger (‘Ema’, ‘La Jauría’). Netflix has published a first image that you can see on this paragraph.

Chilean production

In the director’s words, “Using black comedy we want to observe, understand and analyze the events that have occurred in Chile and the world in the last 50 years. We are absolutely certain that we will do a good job and it will undoubtedly be an adventure: a strenuous shoot, but very inspiring and meaningful”. Francisco Ramos, vice president of content for Netflix in Latin America, said in the statement that it was an honor to work with Larraín, “one of the most interesting and significant voices in Latin American cinema of the last 20 years. His perspective on Chile and Latin America are fundamental to understanding our continent. I have no doubt that ‘El Conde’ will continue along the path that Pablo has opened with ‘No’ and ‘Neruda’. Continuing to trust in Fábula is vital for our growth process in a country as rich and diverse as Chile”.

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In his less than 20 years dedicating himself to directing, Larraín has shot nine films, including ‘Jackie’, ‘Post Mortem’ and all those mentioned above; two series, ‘Lisey’s story’ and ‘Fugitives’, as well as individual episodes, video clips and documentaries. Among the awards achieved, he has a Silver Bear from the Berlin Festival for ‘El Club’, an award at Cannes for ‘No’, another from the Hollywood Critics Association for ‘Spencer’ and many nominations at San Sebastian, the Ariel Awards of Mexico or the International Festival of Chicago.


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