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doQWhat does it mean for a community to know that, just hundreds of meters from their home, there is a clandestine grave with dozens of corpses of executed people or victims of forced disappearance?

How is the fact of witnessing the execution, in broad daylight, of a merchant in a popular flea market processed? How does a group of girls and boys recover who, being in their classroom, have to throw themselves on the floor because a few meters from their school there is shrapnel from the criminals’ bullets?

Living life is a process of continuous challenge; that confronts us, in societies like ours, with the daily dilemma of overcoming shortages, suffering from poverty, experiencing exclusion associated with inequalities, or even, in extreme cases, the challenge of survival in contexts of overwhelming violence.

Faced with this, we are faced with the responsibility of seriously asking ourselves how we are going to restore the community, that is, the sense of belonging and the possibility of feeling safe and even protected in the face of any eventuality, thanks to the supportive presence of our and our neighbors, friends or relatives.

We lack empirical data to firmly sustain that the social ties of friendship, respect, solidarity and cooperation are broken, in a generalized way. But the daily scenes suggest that there are, at least important territorial strips where coexistence is impossible. Where there is no trust, and where turning to others to share existence is a real possibility.

The first person responsible for promoting this process is the State. That is why, less than three years after his administration ends, the Mexican Head of State has the responsibility to rethink his polarizing discursive strategy and sower of discord. That is why we must continue to call on him to consider that, at this point in his mandate, it is no longer necessary, and much less viable, to continue betting on hubris, and rather, turn dramatically towards the possibility of reconciliation. .

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The President of the Republic is still in time to consider that his legacy as president will not be measured in the number of votes obtained in the electoral processes, but rather the results that occur in terms of institutional strengthening, and above all, in the structural transformation of the factors that brought Mexico to the disastrous condition in which it found itself when it came to power.

One of the most outstanding virtues of the president, in his communication strategy, is his honesty. And indeed, that a head of the Executive does not steal is a major issue. But that is only a necessary condition, and far from being sufficient, to guarantee the transformation of the country. This example must be accompanied by an effective government that guarantees human rights; capable of raising living standards and bringing the majority of the population to a new level of well-being.

The president is right when he also says that money is not everything; but paradoxically, his social policy has been reduced to that: to distribute monetary transfers; and if something is missing, it is the broadening and deepening of community development and citizen participation strategies, not for military purposes in parties and electoral processes, but to generate new capacities for development and the full guarantee of economic, social, cultural and environmental throughout the national territory.

Dilemmas and problems will not go away; but facing them hand in hand or, shoulder to shoulder with our neighbor (próximus, who is by our side, in Latin), can make calamities and misfortunes more bearable, but it also allows events of joy and rejoicing to be strengthened and rooted.

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Confronting more, polarizing more, can generate interesting political-electoral dividends; but that is not what is at stake in the country. What is getting out of hand is the possibility of coexisting harmoniously; to close the gaps that divide and confront us; and to establish new bonds of trust, dialogue and respect between people.

That is why it hurts and hurts to see groups of people looking for the bodies of their loved ones in vacant lots, on the sides of highways or in hills and ravines; because the country not only has these wounds, but day by day they open up more and deepen; because non-repetition is not being guaranteed, and because this extreme phenomenon continues, which has led us to be a society with more than one hundred thousand families who have not been able to process their mourning or mourn their loved ones “in the present body”. .

It is also serious that the problem is rapidly spreading to phenomena beyond violence; because more and more we are facing displacement, migration and uprooting due to the effects of climate change: entire communities that lose their land and the possibility of continuing to live together, because the material impossibility of subsistence ends in the place where they were born. .

There are communities that are resisting; there are others where initiatives are promoted to try to prevent the corrosive effect of poverty and violence from harming them; But these efforts are not enough, nor are they enough to mobilize the country towards a new logic of restitution of community relations. For this, all the effort and resources of the State are required, and without a doubt, the vision and commitment of those who lead it to lead the country towards a new form of generous and inclusive nation of all.

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The bucolic vision of poverty as the substrate of the social policy of this administration must be left behind; today the urgent thing is to go back to basics: people working with people, building community, in contexts of security guaranteed by the State; as well as opportunities for a decent life, thanks to the comprehensive and progressive universal guarantee of rights. A progressive government must be committed to it, with the maximum of available resources, and without delay; because every day, every week that is lost, can turn into months or years of lost opportunities for individuals, their families and their communities.

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