'Pam & Tommy' Originally Wanted Chris Evans To Voice Tommy Lee's Penis

    If a penis could talk, what would it sound like? That is the question that the creators of ‘Pam & Tommy’a biographical miniseries that Disney+ broadcasts in Spain, by creating the already famous talking penis scene. It’s worth remembering that in ‘Pam & Tommy’, the talking penis scene was created through a Sebastian Stan mold.

    Well, according to Sebastian Stan, who plays Tommy Lee on the show, the creative team originally thought Lee’s penis would sound something like Chris Evans.

    In a recent interview with AwardsDailyStan revealed that he shot the comical yet vulnerable scene without knowing who would voice the prosthetic appendage.

    “Actually, I wasn’t there that day,” Stan told the outlet. “We didn’t know who we were going to have at the time. The guys, I think, called me at one point and said, ‘What do you think? Do you think Chris Evans would do this to you?‘ And I said, ‘I’m not going to call him, okay?

    Consider it: Captain America voicing Bucky Barnes’ penis? Both actors shared the leading role in the MCU’s Sentinel of Liberty trilogy. Here the Chronological order of all Marvel movies and series.

    Finally, the role went to Jason Mantzoukas‘Big Mouth’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor whose delightfully cheeky voice is undeniably perfect for Tommy Lee’s sensitive penis.

    In an interview granted in February to Entertainment Weeklyseries director Rob Siegel unraveled some of the ins and outs of creating this oddly captivating scene with an animatronic penis that looks like a puppet.

    “I can’t think of a more fun and cuddly way to do extensive frontal male nudity,” says Siegel. “He is a puppet, it’s like Yoda“.

    To achieve a seamless look that makes it look like Stan is standing naked and not with a puppet dangling from his member, the special effects team used a lot of glue and paint to secure and blend the appendage.

    “There were wires running between his legs from behind, and a guy crouched on the ground with joystickmechanically controlling what was going on,” showrunner DV DeVincentis told Entertainment Weekly. “That animatronic type he had to look in a mirror and act with Sebastian physically, like all the gestures and head nods and upward glances, and we had to direct him. I’ve never done anything like it.”

    The truth is that it is not surprising.

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