Jan. 6 Hearings Day 6: Trump Threw Dishes, Fought With His Own Security in 'Furious' Tirade as Riots Raged

Chelsea Handler, still subbing for Jimmy Kimmel (who is on vacation), kicked off her monologue on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with some jokes about the truly wild testimony from the latest Jan. 6 hearings earlier in the day.

And, focusing for a moment on the accusation that Donald Trump physically assaulted one of his secret service agents, Handler produced a photo that just might be how he looked at the time.

Now of course you know this, but earlier Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aid to Trump’s chief of staff, testified to having witnessed, or have been told about, some very disturbing behavior by Trump on Jan. 6, 2021.

Among other things, Hutchinson said that, as far as she was told, Trump physically assaulted a secret service agent who refused to drive him to the Capitol in order to personally attempt to intimidate congress into overturning the 2020 election.

So, back to Handler for the jokes.

“We heard some truly insane testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows,” Handler said.

“Cassidy painted a very unflattering portrait of Trump’s behavior on January 6th, including the little bitch fit he threw when the secret service wouldn’t let him go to the Capitol during the riot,” Handler said before playing video of her testimony.

“Fortunately, Trump sat back down and patiently waited for his car to arrive at the White House. Just kidding, of course that’s not what he did, ”Handler continued, playing another clip of Hutchinson detailing how Trump tried to grab the neck of the Secret Service agent driving his car from him.

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“That is no way to treat a secret service agent. That is how you treat a contestant in the dressing room at the Miss Universe pageant,” Handler continued. “Sadly — sadly — there is no footage of Trump grabbing the wheel. But I imagine it would look something like this.”

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At this point, she showed the photo of the time Donald Trump pretended to drive a truck at the White House. And honestly, we can see it.

There’s plenty more in the monologue and it’s not just about the Jan. 6 hearings. You can watch the whole thing above.


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