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    Ezra Miller does not leave one and is already in another. After being arrested in Hawaii twice in less than a month, Variety has uncovered new accusations against the actor, after speaking with the victim of an alleged assault in Iceland (a video that went viral in 2020) and with a German woman who denounced the artist earlier this year for breaking and entering.

    In the spring of 2020, Miller became a regular in the bars of Reykjavík, Iceland., after stopping the filming of ‘Fantastic Animals: Dumbledore’s Secrets’ due to the global pandemic. So says Carlos Reynir, then a waiter at a well-known pub in the capital, the Prikið Kaffihús.

    Reynir said he was involved in two altercations in Prikið involving Miller. The first was a heated argument between Miller and a male customer that began as a joke but ended with the actor strangling the man and then slapping him. Reynir, who broke up the fight, says that Miller later apologized, and the other customer quickly shrugged it off as if it was a joke. The actor was allowed to continue frequenting the bar.

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    “We just saw it as two friends getting drunk and fighting,” Reynir said. “It is Iceland. Happens several times every weekend”.

    The second incident, however, was more. In April 2020, a video went viral in which Ezra Miller lost his temper and hit a fan, and it was not very clear if it was a joke or real. The alleged victim has broken his silence for the first time, although his name has not been revealed to remain anonymous.

    According to the young woman, it all started as a joke when she asked Ezra about the scars that could be seen on her feet through flip-flops. The actor said that they were fight marks, to which the woman replied: “I could fight you. Out in the smoking area in two minutes.” Miller seemed to get the joke, but he didn’t.

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    “I thought it was just fun and games, but then it wasn’t,” he said. “Suddenly he was on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I want to fight. My friend who was filming sees that he’s obviously not joking and it’s actually something serious, so he stops filming and pulls him away from me while he’s still trying to fight me. Miller kept yelling: ‘This is what you wanted! This is what you wanted!‘”

    The woman said Miller, who is due to release “The Flash” with Warner and DC Comics, spat in his friend’s face “several times,” an affront that was dangerous in the early days of the pandemic before the vaccine.

    Reynir, who had arrived early for his shift that day, decided to get involved when he saw that “the situation was getting out of hand”. He tried to kick Miller out of the room as Miller grabbed his neck and spat in his face.. Finally, he managed to expel him. The next day, a PCR test was done and it was negative for coronavirus.

    Ezra Miller, currently on the run from justice with serious accusations, gradually stopped frequenting the city’s bars.

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    The day the video went viral, a German woman named Nadia called the actor worried about the incident.. Nadia had known Miller for a few months, specifically since January 2020, when they met at an art gallery in Los Angeles. The young people exchanged numbers and, after several risque messages, Miller and Nadia had a sexual encounter on Nadia’s last night in town.

    The following two years they continued to text, although all attempts to meet again were frustrated by the pandemic or due to schedule problems. Finally, in February 2022, Nadia received a message at 4am from the actor saying “Hi, I’ve arrived in Berlin, but I may have to leave tomorrow.”

    Nadia invited her friend to spend the night at her house, and she acknowledges that the treatment was very affectionate and friendly until he began to roll a cigarette with the intention of smoking it inside the apartment. When Nadia pointed out that her house was smoke-free, Miller’s attitude changed abruptly.

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    Miller replied, “I am a planet maker. tobacco is sacred”. Faced with the refusal of the young German, the discussion began to escalate and Miller began to accuse her of being a transphobe and a Nazi.

    “I asked him if he remembers me telling him that I am a descendant of Holocaust survivors, so why would he tell me that?” she said. “She answered me by yelling at me: ‘Yes, but how many people in my family died?’ Because a lot of people in her family died. I was like, Oh, okay, this is a game of who has more trauma.”

    Nadia called the police and eventually got Miller out of her house. 30 minutes later, the actor was at the door again, pounding on it and yelling that the young woman had stolen his wallet and passport. The woman filed a complaint for trespassing.

    Nadia blocked Miller’s phone and hasn’t seen him since.“He probably doesn’t think of me anymore because I’m just one of the many people he’s abused“, said.

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