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    Lena Headeywho rose to fame after playing Cersei Lannister in the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, has been sued by her agency after being cut from the final cut of the most recent of the upcoming Marvel releases, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

    The British agency Troika asks the actress for 1.5 million dollars for commissions from various roles of the actress that, according to the company, have not been paid. One of these commissions would be $500,000 (7% of Headey’s salary) for her earnings on the set of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, although finally his participation has been cut and he will not appear in the final montage of the Marvel movie.


    According to Christian baleHeadey isn’t the only ‘Game of Thrones’ artist cut from the final cut of ‘Thor 4.’ The interpreter of Gorr, the Butcher of Gods has declared to have also filmed with Peter Dinklage (Eitri in the MCU, Tyrion Lannister in GoT), as well as the star of ‘Jurassic World’ Jeff Goldblum (Great master). Neither actor will appear in the theatrical montage.

    Headey left the agency in 2020, when it was acquired by a private investment firm and rebranded as YMU. Nevertheless, the company alleges that the actress still owes him several payments derived from his work on ‘Thor 4’, ‘Nine bullets’ ($300,000) and the Showtime series ‘Rita’ ($650,000), a remake of the Danish original.

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    Troika asks for the payment of all these commissions, as well as damages for breach of contract and interest. For his part, Heady affirms that he never signed any contract with the agency or with Michael Duff, co-founder of the company and who was his agent since the late 90s. The actress assures that her agreement with Duff has always been verbal and that it was also represented by the CAA agency in the US.

    She also denies that Troika had anything to do with being hired in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, for which she was contacted directly by director Taika Waititi, nor in ‘Nine Bullets’. For the ‘Rita’ series, Headey claims that he only charged 325,0004 for the pilot (and paid the agency $22,750), and that no more episodes were commissioned..

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