New caravan of migrants leaves Chiapas for the US days after the tragedy in San Antonio, Texas

A new migrant caravan of thousands of people this Friday they undertook a new trip on foot from southern Mexico to the United Statesafter this week 53 migrants died after being abandoned inside a trailer in San Antonio, Texas.

The group, mostly men Central American, Venezuelan, and Cuban youth, many with their families and young childrenbegan the long journey early Friday morning from Tapachula, a city on the border with Guatemala.

The caravan emerges despite the Efforts that Mexico has made to contain undocumented migration. Last month two other large contingents of Venezuelans undertook the same path but were dissolved by authorities.

When asked about Monday’s migrant deaths inside a truck in Texas, people in the new caravan expressed sadness, with some even saying they walked to avoid the danger of taking other means of transportation.

It is common for migrants seeking to go to the United States, from southern Mexico, to be transported in trailer boxes where they have even died during accidents or are detected by security forces.

“We are really in mourning,” said Moisés Vélez, a migrant from Venezuela. “It hurts all of us.” (Reuters)

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