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    Spoilers for season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ below

    ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is chaos personified, and the script revels in that as Klaus rolls in lines of cocaine. So of course the season three finale is no exception, throwing in another cliffhanger wild that has left us amazed.

    But this ending is not just the usual game-changing plot twist, as the ones have been cliffhangers previous. This one also recasts the entire series with something completely new.

    ‘The Umbrella Academy’, season 3: ending explained


    The final episode of the third season opens with Reginald lying about Luther and Klaus. Yes, they are dead, but no, it wasn’t just the Kugelblitz that took their lives. Reginald was directly responsible for their deaths, something Five suspects almost immediately. In the meantime, Dead Luther and dead Klaus fight on an ethereal bouncy castle in the afterlife because that’s just what this show is right now.

    After Reginald eliminates both Five and Allison, he divides everyone into teams so they can seek stealth in the Oblivion Obsidian Hotel. It’s supposed to be the key to restoring the universe that has now collapsed everywhere except here, beyond the White Buffalo Suite. But beware, Reginald has been deceiving us all. Of course. With everyone confused and in position, he decides to ring the bells, which alerts the guardians to his presence. Then, when our heroes finally decide to use her powers in a season that has been noticeably lacking in such powers, Allison admits to Viktor that she made a deal with Reginald.

    “I did this for all of us,” says Allison. “I need you to trust me. If we get through this, everything will be fine”. But will she? After some incredible fight scenes and a surprising victory over all the guardians, everything seems fine. That is, until Klaus suddenly reappears from the dead and confirms that Reginald did indeed kill Luther.

    However, Papa Hargreeves has a plan. “Somewhere in this hotel is the key to restore the universe”, reminds them. And then another guardian appears, mortally wounding Five and Klaus. Luther returns just in time to save the day, but he’s only there as a ghost summoned by a dying Klaus, so there isn’t much time for his sad goodbye with Sloane.

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    Isn’t it a bit silly that they’re already practically married when they just met? Sure, but Luther’s also pretty goofy, and Sloane’s great, so we approved of it anyway.

    Meanwhile, the sticky cockroaches reappear on the face of the last remaining guardian because, like a cockroach, it is difficult to kill. In response, Reginald quickly orders everyone to stand on the sigil symbols Five saw on the floor of the hall.except Allison, because there’s clearly something nasty coming up and she doesn’t want her only ally to be affected as well.

    With seven Umbrellas and Sparrows united, the balls of energy that fuel their gifts from within create a combined lightning-like force that sweeps and destroys the guardian. And with that, it all comes crashing down to reveal a cheap Netflix version of ‘The Matrix.’ Reginald saw it coming, of course, and in fact, he wanted it to happen.

    As everyone’s life force is sucked into Reginald’s apparatus, the world’s worst father reveals that “The hotel was just a facade… It is a machine in another dimension. Whoever created the universe used this machine”. At this point, it’s still unclear what Reginald wants to achieve, but if we think back, we’ll remember that in the first season Reginald released some of this energy from a jar and launched it into the sky on his alien home planet. Rockets launched around him to destinations unknown before Hargreeves set off for Earth, tracking the energy that gave the children their powers on October 1, 1989.

    While this explained how Reginald knew that all of these miracle babies would develop superpowers on the same day, the series never explained exactly why he needed the children and their gifts. But now, we know. Using said gifts, her children are now strong enough to defeat the guardians. and take your energy to this machine hidden in the hotel that Reginald built. As he now points out in these unsettling last moments, the particles within their bodies are the only things that can power this device.

    “You’re killing them,” Allison yells as she watches her siblings absorb the energy.. “Everything in life has a price,” replies Reginald, the capitalist supreme. Realizing the mistake she has made, Allison attempts to use her powers against Hargreeves, but she cannot break through the force field that has been erected around her.

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    Instead, Allison grabs an ax from the ground and forces her way through.. With brute force, the sigil is broken, so all of his siblings, now exhausted and zombie-faced, are freed. And before Reginald can stop her, Allison uses her ax to cut off a large chunk of her head. Even Hargreeves aliens can’t survive such an injury… or so we thought. Because yes, her bloody corpse is already lying on the ground, but we are not yet at the end…

    As everyone begins to recover, Allison looks at a button on the computer console that practically screams, “Do not touch.” But aren’t those the most attractive buttons? Despite her brother’s protests, Allison gives up and presses the button.. Wouldn’t you too? And with that, everything vanishes…

    How ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Changes Everything You Thought You Knew

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    We see Allison getting out of a taxi in the rain. The house she enters is clearly familiar to her because she knows there is a key hidden under a flower pot at the entrance. In it she looks for Claire, her daughter, who seems to be alive, no longer erased by the intrusion into the timeline. And then her husband shows up too, giving Allison the happy ending she’s always wanted.

    But is this real? Did Reginald’s machine rewrite reality to give Allison what she wanted? That would certainly explain why she prevented him from joining the others in stealth, and it would also explain why she chose to press that button. That must have been the deal they made, because Reginald knew he could manipulate her with the promise of seeing Claire again.

    It’s also possible that Allison is simply dead now, enjoying her perfect life in heaven. But that doesn’t explain why she pushes buttons so easily. And would he really be in heaven after everything he’s done, especially this season with Luther? On top of all that, Allison’s death here wouldn’t explain what happened to everyone else either.

    Because then we cut to the others exiting an elevator into a courtyard that turns out to be Obsidian Memorial Park.. In the center is a statue of Reginald’s face, which was donated by him on October 1, 1989. A curious choice of date…

    Luther comes out too, and he’s alive. He has also regained his normal body, without all the gorilla hair and muscles. Diego’s fingers have also grown back, and Cinco’s arm is also where it should be. Everything seems to be in place, until the Umbrellas suddenly realize that they no longer have their powers.. It is likely due to the machine that took away the energy particles that fuel these gifts. But potentially it could also have something to do with this new timeline they all find themselves in.

    With Sloane missing, Luther runs off to find his wife and Klaus goes after him. Ben, the only Sparrow left, says “I’m leaving, bitches” and walks away too, in classic Sparrow-Ben style. When Diego asks what they should all do next, Lila suggests that they just live their they all leave, leaving only Viktor behind, who calls Reginald’s statue an “asshole” before leaving as well.

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    Considering everything they’ve just been through, not to mention this strange new world they find themselves in, it seems strange that all the Umbrellas separate and abandon each other so quickly. Sure, an easy, powerless life is what most of them have always yearned for, and maybe they’re just fed up with all this non-stop apocalypse, but still, do they care so little for each other right now?

    Looking to the future, we imagine it won’t be long before the children of Hargreeves recover when they realize just how bleak this world really is. Because, in the final moments of the season, we zoom out from the courtyard to reveal a cityscape dominated by numerous buildings bearing Reginald’s name. It seems as if Hargreeves has remade the world in his own image, positioning himself on top of it all as a ruler who oversees his kingdom. And most shocking of all, his wife, Abigail Hargreeves, is alive, standing next to him.

    Mama Hargreeves last appeared in flashbacks in the first season. when she told Reginald to leave his alien homeworld without her. “I will die here, but not you,” he said. “I won’t allow it. The world needs you, Reggie.” Since then, we’ve only seen Abigail briefly on the moon in what we assume was a container labeled A13G5. So it seems that Reginald always clung to the idea of ​​bringing her back, and now he’s using the interdimensional machine hidden in his hotel.

    In the comics, this hotel was a secret prison designed to contain the Umbrella Academy’s greatest enemies.. But here, Obsidian was part of a much larger plan to “fix” the world, according to Hargreeves’ vision. And yes, the way Reginald constantly manipulates, abuses and even kills people is abhorrent. Let’s not be wrong. But it turns out that he did it all for love. In fact, everything that happened in this series is a direct result of Reginald trying to bring Abigail back.

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    From releasing the energy particles on his planet to building the hotel around this strange machine, not to mention training the children who housed said particles, everything has led to this moment, Reginald powering the only machine that could bring his wife back from the dead.

    When you think of it in those terms, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is actually a love story, albeit a twisted and traumatic one and highly problematic for everyone else involved. But there is something beautiful about her, isn’t there?

    With all of these revelations, season four will likely be a very different story from the repetitive apocalyptic showdowns fans have grown accustomed to. And Sparrow Ben’s trip to Yeouido could be the key to all this if we have to pay attention to the post-credits scene of the third season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’… We will be attentive.

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