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    It is a happy coincidence that Victoria Abril has her birthday on July 4, during Gay Pride week. She, who starred in one of the first films about trans people in our cinema (and almost in history), ‘Cambio de sexo’ (1977), the first of an extensive collaboration with Vicente Aranda; she, who has made several of those French comedies with which to reflect on serious topics, such as cursed doormat one of the somewhat forgotten lesbian movies but that swept that year at the César Awards. The race of Victoria Abril, who debuted on the big screen the year Franco died, with ‘Obsesión’ (1975), and who became known throughout Spain as one of the hostesses of ‘Un, dos, tres’has been pushing the renewal of Spanish cinema ever since.

    Victoria Abril (Benajarafe, Málaga; 1959) is one of the indisputable icons of our cinema. Winner of a Goya, and nominated eight other timesreceived in 2004 the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, an award that rests along with a Silver Bear from the Berlin Festival, two Silver Shells from San Sebastián, three Silver Frames and an honorary Feroz Award.

    Since appearing briefly with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn at age 16 in Robin and Marian his career has also had a wide international projection. More in France -where she has lived for long periods of time and has also worked in theater and television-, and with some incursions in Italy, than in the United States. His biggest attempt to break into Hollywood, ‘Jimmy Hollywood’ (1993) by Barry Levinson, did not have the reception expected from the director of ‘Rain Man’, but in France he has been nominated twice for the César Awards and the have become essential on the red carpets of Europe.

    In Spain She has worked in a dozen of Vicente Aranda’s films, filming with him some of the great successes of both careers, such as ‘Amantes’, and she was the Almodóvar girl between ‘¡Tie me up!’ (1989) and ‘Kika’ (1993). Penélope Cruz says that it was precisely her role in ‘¡Tie Me Up!’ what she decided to dedicate herself to the cinema. Both were able to work together in ‘No news from God (2001) by Agustín Díaz Yanes, another of the actress’s favorite directors and with whom after several nominations she finally won her first Goya, for ‘No one will talk about us when we have died’ (nineteen ninety five).

    He has also worked with Juan Antonio Bardem, Mario Camus, José Luis Borau, Jaime Chavarrí, Francisco Regueiro, Gonzalo Suárez, Carlos Saura… in short, history of our cinema. We have often seen Victoria Abril sharing the screen with Imanol Arias, with Jorge Sanz and with Antonio Banderas, for whom he also made ‘El camino de los ingleses’, his second film as director.

    Always ready for any role if the film suits her, Victoria Abril has made one of the best films of the Spanish Civil War, ‘Bicycles are for summer’ (1984), a period to which she has returned on other occasions; he has made movies quinqui with ‘El Lute: Carmina o revienta’ (1987), two prestigious literary adaptations of the 20th century classics, ‘La colmena’ (1984) and ‘Tiempo de silencio’ and comedies, especially in France where they have best appreciated your comedic side. On this other side it is more frequent to find it in intense dramatic roles, often with a hint of irony or black comedy, such as the films of Almodóvar, Aranda or some of the best thrillers of Spanish cinema by Agustín Díaz Yanes. To do, he has even made westerns and erotic films like ‘Between the legs’ (1999), another risque thriller with Javier Bardem.

    In recent years, Abril, who was interested in dance and classical ballet when she was young, has also tried her luck in music. He has released an album of Brazilian music classics ‘Putcheros do Brasil’ (2005) and toured Europe concerts. Her last role was in the French series ‘Saving Lisa’ (2021), a French adaptation of ‘Mother’, the Japanese series that swept Spain in its Turkish remake.

    After her time on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ and the attention for the Feroz Award for her career, April was back on everyone’s lips recently for the wrong reasons: some inopportune (and misguided) statements about the covid-19 of the most late apologized. But she is, above all, the actress of some of the best films of Spanish cinema, of several decades of film and television that we review here through the best photos of Victoria Abril’s career.

Victoria Mérida Rojas was born in Madrid on July 4, 1959. She was a well-known face in Spain since Narciso Ibáñez Serrador chose her as one of the hostesses of the ‘Un, dos, tres’, a position she held from 1976 to 1978.

Together with Patxi Andión in ‘Murder in the Central Committee’, a thriller by Vicente Aranda.

Together with Jean-François Stévenin in the telefim ‘Sous le signe du poisson’.

Taking orders from Pierre Zucca in 1984.

On the set of ‘Le voyage’, by Michel Andrieu.

Pedro Almodóvar, Victoria Abril and Antonio Banderas presenting ‘Tie Me Up!’ In Berlin.

They did not miss the opportunity to take a souvenir from the wall.

Together with Jorge Sanz in a promotional photo of ‘Amantes’, by Vicente Aranda.

During the filming of ‘High heels’, together with Miguel Bosé, Marisa Paredes and Féodor Atkine.

On top of Miguel Bosé in ‘Tacones Distancias’, by Almodóvar.

Almodóvar very affectionate with his muse after picking up the César for best foreign film for ‘Tacones Distancias’.

Picking up the Silver Bear for best actress at the Berlin International Film Festival for her work in ‘Lovers’.

Toast to the winner with Pedro Costa, Vicente Aranda and Jorge Sanz.

Together with Vicente Aranda in a New York restaurant.

There is nothing like posing on top of a piano.

After the success of ‘El Lute (walks or revives)’, Victoria Abril and Imanol Arias coincide again in ‘Intruso’, by Vicente Aranda.

Together with Pedro Almodóvar and designer Jean Paul Gaultier, a personal friend of the actress.

In a photo shoot for Detour Magazine in 1994.

Together with Alain Chabat in the French comedy ‘Cursed Doormat’.

Together with Josiane Balasko, director of ‘Felpudo maldito’, at its presentation in Cannes.

In Cannes there are those who know how to be noticed, and April is one of them.

Although Johnny Depp is premiering his first film as a director, ‘The Brave’, Victoria April manages to talk about her.

If he has a moment of glory on the César stage with Pedro Almodóvar, he is not going to waste it.

At the premiere of ‘Tie me up!’ with Rossy de Palma, Loles León, Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas.

Promoting ‘No News from God’ with Penélope Cruz.

Along with his European Film Award in 2002.

In the middle of Neptune, demonstrating against the war with Javier Bardem.

At the opening ceremony of the fifty-seventh Cannes Film Festival, with Tarantino and Almodóvar presiding over the meeting.

Laughter during the opening ceremony.

Along with his sons, Felix and Martin.

Together with Javier Veiga in the presentation of ‘School of seduction’.

During a performance at the Goya.

Nor did it go unnoticed at the premiere of ‘Cache’ in Cannes.

Banderas and Abril work together again on ‘El camino de los ingleses’, the Malaga-born director’s second title as director.

Together with Vicente Aranda in the presentation of ‘Tirante el Blanco’.

Laughter at Annie Girardot’s birthday with Muriel Robin and Alain Delon.

The actress and singer is not just a label, photo during one of her concerts in 2008.

Together with Elena Anaya, Agustín Díaz Yanes, Ariadna Gil and Pilar López de Ayala in the presentation of ‘I just want to walk’.

Reunion with Marisa Paredes at the Marrakech Festival in 2009.

In a new performance at the 2012 Goya award ceremony.

Together with Rossy de Palma at Paris Fashion Week 2012.

Together with Kristin Scott Thomas in Cannes, the afternoon that ‘Ellis’ Dream’ was presented.

Along with Vicente Aranda, when he received the honorary award at the Gijón Festival.

At the Goya 2016, for whatever it takes.

Together with Alexandra Jiménez and Cristina Cataño in the presentation of ‘Born to Win’.

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