AMLO proposes to withdraw the US Statue of Liberty if Assange does not receive a pardon

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador believed that imprisoning Julian Assange In the United States it will be attack on freedom of expressiontherefore, in the event that he is denied pardon, a campaign would have to be launched to withdraw the pardon. New York City Statue of Liberty.

To the defend the founding journalist of Wikileaksthe Mexican president recalled that when Assange released the information contained on the siteSeveral major media outlets joined forces to publicize the findings in US government cables; however, now they turn their backs on him.

“What, isn’t it worth taking care of? New York Times of the matter, or Washington Post or the Financial Times either The country, and convene a meeting of the most important press in the world to exhort, to ask, to call for Assange to be granted a pardon? If she doesn’t, they’re going to be tarnished,” the president said.

“And we have to start with the campaign that, if they take him to the United States and sentence him to the maximum sentence and die in prison, we must start the campaign to dismantle the Statue of Liberty that the French handed over and that it is in New York, because it is no longer a symbol of freedom,” he said.

The president insisted that, as he did with donald trumpon his next visit to the White House on July 12, he will ask President Joe Biden to grant him the Pardon Julian Assange.

He recalled that thanks to the Wikileaks revelations it became known about human rights violations and US interventionism.

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“I was attacked by the Church or, to put it precisely, by some Church leaders in 2006, who campaigned against it. A cardinal, who is now retired, went to Rome to tell the United States ambassador in Rome that I it was a danger for Mexico and that the United States government had to intervene to stop our movement,” said the president.

On June 17, the British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, approved the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assangeto the United States to face criminal charges, bringing his long legal saga closer to an end.

US authorities are looking for Assange for 18 counts, including one count of espionagerelated to the publication by WikiLeaks of vast amounts of confidential US military records and diplomatic cables that Washington says put lives in danger.

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