Alba Palacios, the first trans soccer player in Spain

Alba Palacios makes history as the first trans soccer player in Spain after beginning his transition as well as hormone therapy in 2017 and at the time identified himself as Álvaro Palacios while playing for the Torrelodones CF men’s team.

But little by little, the player let her hair grow and her playmates did not notice the change in gender identity in Palacios, because even the soccer player was afraid of not continuing with her sporting dreamas well as various personal aspects of her life that she thought could be affected by coming out as a trans woman.

And although within his social environment he received support and even gained more friends, this was not the same for him.or family who had to take a few years to adjust to the new gender identity of Alba Palacios, but now she finally feels that she fits “at home” with herself.

“The truth is that, well, some other friend sIt is true that I have been able to distance myself and we no longer talk to each other but I always say that if this serves to make a filter of the true friendships that one or one can have, well, welcome, ”said the soccer player in an interview for ESPN Deportes.

Alba Palacios became a benchmark for the LGBT+ community, however, the Spanish athlete would like to make herself known more for being starting player of the third division women’s team, Rozas CFin addition to highlighting that during the first 20 minutes of his first game, he managed to score a goal.

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“Hormonation is not easy at all; it is quite complicated. I have had the occasional problem in a soccer game with a series of hormone changes that I have had… But if this is useful so that you can help other people, and let them see that you can compete and you can fulfill your dreams, well, welcome, “Palacios added to ESPN.

It should be noted that Alba Palacios joins the group of trans athletes who practice their disciplines within gender categories with which they identify like the swimmer Lia Thomas, despite the growing wave of proposals to prevent trans people from having the opportunity to participate in categories according to their gender identity and expression.

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