Concerns in the US closeness to AMLO and ambassador Ken Salazar: NYT

Within the United States government there is concern about the closeness between its ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the newspaper reported. New York Times in its Tuesday edition.

Senior US officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly, question whether the “soft approach” shown by the US diplomat works, or whether it emboldens Lopez Obrador.

For officials interviewed by the US newspaper, the Mexican president “has challenged US influence and undermines the safeguards of democracy.”

Some consider that the Tabasco politician has promoted a energy agenda that threatens American companies and he often uses his rostrum to personally discredit and insult those who question his rule.

In particular, the position that López Obrador took of not going to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California, in June of this year, as the government of Joe Biden he did not invite all the presidents of the continent.

The newspaper highlights that the president of Mexico initially refused to recognize the electoral victory of Joe Biden, at a time when the then president, donald trumplaunched signs of electoral fraud without showing evidence that this had happened.

It also emphasizes how the Mexican federal government was forced to launch a immigration policy heavy-handed, in the face of Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on Mexican export products.

For some of the officials interviewed on condition of anonymity, the Ambassador Ken Salazar He was “the perfect man to appease the Mexican president,” considering that the simple treatment of the former Democratic senator from Colorado would work well with López Obrador.

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Despite these concerns, the Biden administration continues to back Salazar, the newspaper noted.

“Part of the criticism leveled at him is because he is very actively interacting with his government, but frankly he is doing it to try to advance the interests of the United States,” said Juan Gonzalez, Biden’s top adviser on Latin America. referring to the ambassador.

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